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Managing change.

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Describing an organizational change that your organization is likely to make (e.g., new structure, new process, downsizing, etc.).
Identifying the key stakeholders involved and the impact the change would have on them.
Describing the change management approach and recommended action steps you would advise for minimizing adverse impact on the organization and its people.
The paper should focus on the systemic nature of the organization and how the change will improve the effectiveness of the organization, its processes and the productivity of the employees

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I work in an electrical company, one of the largest & world's fastest growing electrical and power distribution equipment manufacturers. It is a very difficult situation for my company as business is doing poorly and company is losing money, the problem is not with the quality of the product or service being given, and it is not even the employees of the organization. But the trouble in business is purely due to an inefficient corporate set-up that is draining money and resources both. So company is deciding for corporate downsizing as it will give some financial relieve to the company.
There are many people who are going to get affected by the decision of downsizing of the company. It is very important for a company to consider all the aspects before going for this major change, they should consider factors like mission, approach, its affect and how to implement as well as the risk associated with the change. The key contributor to success when a company decides for an major organization change is the organization ability to influence its key stakeholders whose support will be needed in implementing the change.
Company should take the first step towards the change by analyzing its key stakeholders who are going to get affected by this decision. The key stakeholders which will be affected are as follows...
Internal stakeholders: stockholders, customers, suppliers, creditors, and employees
External stakeholder: general public, business support groups, and the media.
The decision of downsizing is going to have a great impact on key stakeholders of the company; on its employees, customers, suppliers and ...

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Techniques to manage organisational changes.

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