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    Organizations, downsizing and ethical behaviors

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    1) When an organization decides to downsize, what ethical issues should or can a manager consider?

    2) How would you handle a situation when your ethical principles conflict with your organization's ethics?

    3) Is it appropriate for an organization to consider employee stress when making assignments? Why or why not?

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    Management should be clear about the jobs that need to be cut. The ethics involve communicating fairly the information needed by the employees as well as what help the company will offer. Those cut should be decided on fairly and not by race, gender, or favoritism of any management type. Those with potential to help the company grow should be considered as trainable and kept. Seniority should be considered a good thing rather than a hindrance. Ethics applied to downsizing mean that fairness is overall the most important thing in who gets laid off and how the company will help ...

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