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    Indecent Behavior

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    What is constitutes indecency.

    ◦Analyze the appeal or attraction of indecency in media and the role society plays in defining or policing indecency.

    ◦Connect social change to society's reaction to and policing of indecency.

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    What constitutes indecency?

    -- The rules regarding indecency are largely constructed by society. Indecency can be broadly defined as possessing indecent behavior, and indecent behavior is essentially behavior that is not socially acceptable. Indecent behavior 'is' one of the main reasons why we have the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), which is the commission that regulates all means of communications in the U.S. The FCC prohibits indecent acts from appearing on television, on the radio, and other public communication sources. This is to protect society, and particularly to protect the most vulnerable groups in society, which include children. Certain television commercials, for instance, are not permitted during morning cartoons. Commercials for beer cannot be aired during this time frame, as it is against FCC rules. This is because it would be considered indecent behavior to air such a product during a time when the majority of viewers are children.

    We don't allow nudity on television, or other ...

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