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Customer Wants vs. Needs

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Phones of all kinds

Product and service wants and needs are the same as basic wants and needs. Wants are something you can do without but rather not it's something you desire to have. I.E. me with the Galaxy S4 instead of my Blackberry (I know it's a relic) I wanted it so bad I was willing to cancel my contract early to get the phone. Even though my contract ends in Sep it's not a need I can wait but I would rather have it now. A need is something I cannot do without it will affect some aspect of my life without having this. I.e. clothes without them I would be locked up for indecent exposure in public.

How do I respond to this statement?

In the 21st century many of your wants are needs. Live without electricity or phones? Really? And if you don't live in a tight urban environment can you really do without a car?

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Yes, it is absolutely true that the definition of basic human needs has engulfed many of the wants into the 21st century. In today's life, ...

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