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    Internet Safety

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    This posting aids with an outline and resources on the topic of indecency on the Internet.

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    Although we are unable to "write" essays for students, I am able to offer you some notes for the planning and drafting stage of your assignment. Please see my ideas below:

    Outline ideas:

    I. Attention Getter: Create or research/cite an interesting yet scary story about a child or teen who was abducted or assaulted after Internet chats or correspondences and exposure to Internet indecency.

    A. Explain why the topic is important.

    B. Thesis: As a result of increasing indecency, pornography, hate speech, and bomb-making instructions on the Internet, stronger censorship measures are needed to keep users, especially kids and teens, safe online.

    II. Parental and governmental concerns about Internet indecency are increasing.

    A. Cite/offer examples of indecent contents online

    B. Research suggests that "access can also pose hazards to your children. For example, your 8-year-old might log on to a search engine and type in the word Lego. But with ...

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    This posting offers help with writing an outline and paper about Internet Safety.