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Selecting Telephone Customer Service Representatives

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Read the Applications case study, Evaluation of Two New Assessment Methods for Selecting Telephone Customer Service Representatives, found on page 359-361 in your textbook. Answer the questions that fall after the case description; these are the three questions found in the lower half of page 361. Each question should be numbered, answered separately, and be at least 250 words in length but should be submitted as one file.

Course Textbook
Heneman, H. G., Judge, T. A., & Kammeyer-Mueller, J. D. (2012). Staffing organizations (7th ed.). Middleton, WI: Mendota House

CSU requires that students use the APA style for papers and projects. Therefore, the APA rules for formatting, quoting, paraphrasing, citing, and listing of sources are to be followed.

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The solution discusses selecting telephone customer service representatives.

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The following may provide a starting point for the analysis of the results. Further discussion on important points should be made by the student.
Reliability results

According to Zikmund (2003), reliability is the degree to which measures are free from error and therefore yield consistent results. Among those that may affect the reliability of measures include imperfections in the measuring process that affect the assignment of scores or numbers in different ways each time a measure is taken and the tendency of the subject not to give truthful answers.

a) Clerical test

The test was given twice - Time 1 and time 2. This is an application of test-retest method of determining reliability which involves administering the same scale to the same respondents at two separate times to test for stability (Zikmund, 2003).

The clerical test was administered twice. Reliability was obtained through the computation of coefficient alpha which, according to Cronbach (http://psych.colorado.edu/~carey/courses/psyc5112/readings/alpha_cronbach.pdf), is an appropriate index of equivalence of tests. It may also measure homogeneity or inter-item consistency. For this report, coefficient alpha in time 1 was .85 and in time 2, was .86. The computed α were ...

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