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    Transactive Memory System & Teamwork in the Workplace

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    We each have our own Transactive Memory System. Based on your own TMS how would you either change, improve, or enhance your TMS within a team so that the team would be more productive?

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    Transactive Memory System (TMS) is the ability to recall outcomes or consequences of past experiences. Within a team environment, this may result in making judgments based on how team members have acted in the past. I have a tendency to define people's personalities based on historical interactions. For example, if I have previously worked with a team member that is not open to new ideas or concepts, it is unlikely I will seek out their opinion on ...

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    This solution is about 300 words and explains, through "first person" accounts, how transactive memory system works; along with its impact on teamwork. The discussion includes how "TMS" can be capitalized on to increase productivity.