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Human Rights: a Dynamic or Static Concept

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I need assistance on 2 things. How do human rights emerge and how and why is human rights a dynamic or static concept. Examples and references please.


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This solution discusses the emergence of human rights and why human rights is either dynamic or static in content. A comprehensive discussion with examples and references is provided.

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How do human rights emerge?

Human Rights go back as far as 539 BC, during the reign of Cyrus the Great. Cyrus freed the slaves because he believed that all people had the right to freedom, the right to practice a religion (a major component of that time period), and the right to live out their lives as they choose, as long as it did not violate the rights of others. We have witnessed human rights movements during most major time periods in history. A notable human rights activist was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who believed that all people, regardless of race, should have the basic human right of being treated equally. We've seen human rights change with politics, social policy, and other such ...

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