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Business Management

Explanation of Intestacy

Determine the proper intestate distribution for the property of the following clients assuming they were to die today survived by the indicated individuals. Assume that married clients have both separate and community property. Also assume that each client owns both real and personal property. Your answers may be in fractions

Operations Management in Health Care

? Define operations management. ? Evaluate health care operations management roles. ? Identify goals of operations management. ? Describe the effect of a pharmacy on health care operations management.

Public administration issues

What are three issues you feel are important to public administrators today? Discuss one of these issues in detail. Why are services such as pollution control, postal service, public safety, and welfare programs appropriate for governmental programs and public administration? What are some of the changes that have occurred in

Evolution of Management Theories

Have we improved over time in that theories have evolved from emphasis on processes and structure to emphasis on people and systems?

HR Training Required Managers

What kind of mandatory training should HR provide managers and employees concerning safety? How often should this training be required?

Business research identifications

Identify an organization and discuss the role that business research plays in that company's decision-making process. The organization could be: ? a company you are familiar with, ? or even the role that business research plays in your own personal finance and career decisions You should provide: (1) a description o

Control Process Steps

Within an organization, the control process normally progresses through four steps. Discuss these steps as they would apply to an important management situation of your choosing.

Balance of power

Why is it important to maintain a balance of power between different groups of organizational stakeholders?

Companies and Responsible Stakeholders

Please answer each business management problem with a couple sentences: Do you think that it is fair to expect companies to be responsible for their effects on stakeholders? Should companies be really only responsible to their stockholders? Why should companies be responsible to all stakeholders?

Facilities Management and Guest Services

Facilities Management and Guest Services Describe the role of facilities management in ensuring guest service and satisfaction. Describe how a facility's design negatively affected a real-life experience of yours. How could the facility have altered its design to increase your satisfaction? Describe how a facility's

Focus on issues of organization design at Wal-Mart.

Focus on issues of organization design at Wal-Mart. As a helpful hint, please note that Wal Mart is a hierarchical organization and decision making is very centralized. Walton developed these structures using IT support. Stores are standard.

Calculating ATC, AVC, AFC and MC at a given level of output

Use the total cost (TC) schedule that is presented in the table below to calculate average total cost, average variable cost, average fixed cost, and marginal cost when output (Q) is equal to 5. Q 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 TC 5 7 8 10 14 20 28 38 50 72

PR's roles

What role does PR play in your organization? Explain your answer. How is PR utilized in various types of organizations? Provide examples. What are some positive and negative aspects of including the PR function within other departments of an organization? Please provide refs.

5 Questions of Nypro

(1) What is Nypro's competitive advantage(s)? (2) How has Nypro crafted its strategy? What is it? (3) What would you recommend Lankton do at the end of the case? (4) How is the concept of knowledge management demonstrated at Nypro? (5) How would you compare de facto strategy with the strategic planning process? Use N

Electronic forums

How can you use electronic forums to improve group communications, deliver training, create a think-tank, or integrate project management? What about other resources like Google Groups?


You are working in a Human Resources Department. You and your boss got into a discussion about compensation, behavior, and motivators. You are asked to write a memo proposing alternative ways to recognize employees for their contributions and to reward them in a nonmonetary way that would have value to the employees. Cho

Seasonal Indicies

1. Attendance at Los Angeles's newest Disneylike attraction, Vacation World, has been as follows: Quarter Guest in Thousands Quarter Guest in Thousands Winter 05 73 Summer 06 124 Spring 05 104 Fall 06 52 Summer 05 168 Win

Technological applications

There are people who are simply in love with technology and want to buy every new gadget on the market. There are others who are mistrustful of technology. A manager has to judge the usefulness of technology from a business perspective. Do you think personal attitudes about technology might influence business decisions? What are

Grant Proposals

#1-Explain what organizational needs and strengths assessments are and why you think they are important to the funder? #2-How can you determine whether or not your organization is ready to seek funding? What people or issues would need to be in place before considering writing a grant proposal?

Critical Thinking

1. Explain what you believe are management's roles and responsibilities in decision implementation. Identify and describe the factors that affect decision implementation. Explain how you believe these factors should be addressed to assure successful implementation - the effectiveness of the decision. 2. Identify and describe

Student Computer Demand Forecast Model

You are to complete the answer. You are to pretend that you have been hired as a business consultant, or you are consulting for your place of work. It should be written in a professional manner with proper grammar and correct spellings..." Your case study assignment requires you to solve the problem and present the results in

Drawing an AON in Excel

3.6 Shirley Hopkins is developing a program in leadership training for middle-level managers. Shriley has listed a number of activities that must be completed before a training program of this nature could be conducted. The activities, immediate predecessors, and times appear in the acconmpaning table: Activity Immediate Pre