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Business Management

Central Intelligence Agency

What are the powers of this administrative agency, and whom does this agency report to if any? Also, where do the legislative and the judicial branches of government come into play with investigation and enforcement of this agency?

Global Business & Politics

Is anyone familiar with the book "GLOBALIZATION AND ITS DISCONTENTS" by Joseph Stiglitz. I have an assignment where the aim is write a short commentary on some aspect of the Stiglitz critique. Does anyone have any experience with this? What I'm looking for is narrowing this down to one aspect of Stiglitz critique and key poin

Evaluation Matrix

Rationale and justification for each criteria: 1) Proposed Technology is to provide a significant competitive/ strategic advantage over other players in the industry 2) Proposed Technology will significantly improve operating efficiency/ operating margins of the business 3) Technology investment will address identified

Performance and Position

How can I explained if I saw this collected data, what does it tells me about the performance and position of Lorette and Alvin's company. See attached file for full problem description. CURRENT RATIO Current Ratio = ACID-TEST RATIO Acid-Test Ratio = RECEIVABLES TURNOVER Receivable Turnover = INVENTORY TURNOVER Invent

Dealing With Difficult People on the Phone at MedMobile

Background MedMobile is a medical supply business located in Los Angeles, California, employing 62 full-time and 11 part-time workers. The company specializes in equipment designed to improve patient mobility (walkers, motorized carts, wheelchairs, mechanized beds and chairs). Average yearly sales are in the area of $1.5 mill

Sample format of Application for Employment Form

Template for Application for Employment. This form is completed by candidates before interview. Contents of the form includes personal particulars, present and past jobs, educational background, hobbies and interests, references etc.

Interview Assessment Form

Sample format of an Interview Assessment Form. This form is used during interviews and assists hiring managers to assess candidates on the elements which are important to the organisation.

Performance-Based Management

What is the total concept of "Performance-Based Management"? Furthermore, what are the particulars that make the concept a viable course of action for any organization, like the Department of Defense (military programs)?

Calculating AFN and Forecasting

Calculate the AFN for 2002 (see question #1) and the subsequent years 2003 and 2004. Need help getting started as far as forecasting goes as well. See attached file for full problem description. ------------------------------------------- Ceramic Structures Engineering, Inc. Ceramics - to many people the word conjur

Forecasting Problem - Operations Management

For this part of the problem I need to use the POM software: 1. Forecasting. 2. I should select Module->Forecasting->File->New->Least Squares and multiple regression 3. Use the module to solve the Case Study (Southwestern University). this case study, I am are required to build a forecasting model. Assume a linear regre

Managing Resistance

Compose a description of how you would implement each of the three best approaches at the hospital. Create a distinct, 100- to 200-word plan for each approach. Identify in each of the three plans if you would use one or more of the following four approaches to managing organizational change: 1. Lewin's Three-Step Model 2. Ko

Communist Kerala Agreement

SmartCity and Government of Kerala sign landmark agreement SmartCity and Government of Kerala sign landmark agreement Dubai, May 13, 2007(WAM): Opening another horizon of business partnership between India and UAE, SmartCity,a joint venture between TECOM Investments and Sama Dubai, and the government of Kerala signed today th

Market Research

PLEASE CONSIDER THE ATTACHED DOCUMENT FOR THE MARKET SELECTION MATRIX. Based on the attached paper. Please help addressing these questions. - Use an objective tool [a selection matrix] to determine which 1 overseas market to pursue among others. - Explain the importance of qualitative and quantitative research in unders

Fast Food Restaurants Overview

I had to visit two fast food restaurants that make hamburgers. Being that I do not eat fast food this is kind of hard for me to do and was wondering if I could get some help. Thanks. Below are the questions that I need to answer. 1. Describe the production process observed 2. Identify the customer expectations for the ser

Survey and Interview Guides

Compare quantitative surveys to qualitative interview guides. Identify the advantages and disadvantages of each. Support the discussion with solid academic references.

Public Relations help

Please help with the following problem. How do you determine the newsworthiness of an issue? Why is it important to use inverted pyramid style and the five W's in a press release? What are some advantages and disadvantages of the various types of media?

New entry to market

I have selected the following technology, company and country of entry. The Technology: Rack-mount Servers The Company: RadiSys ( Potential Country to Market to: Russia The product selected is rack-mount servers. And I believe RadiSys is not yet entered the Russian market or has not ventured compl

Public Relations

Why is it important to inform the external publics of significant events within the organization? What is your organization's relationship with the local, regional, national, and global media? What are some tools/techniques used to inform, influence, and motivate external publics? What are the ramifications of ineffective comm

Public Relations & Internal Communciations

Please help me with these questions: 1. Why is it important to keep internal publics informed? 2. How does corporate culture affect an organization's internal communications? 3. What are some tools/techniques used to inform, influence, and motivate internal publics? 4. What are the ramifications of ineffective commun

Forecasting for WidgeCorp: Applied Managerial Decision-Making

WidgeCorp is considering branching out into cold beverages. You have been asked to come up with a regression model to forecast monthly sales of cold beverages for the next year. Think about what variables you might include in your model. Please research about regression analysis, and provide detailed discussion about various ty

Presentation on Control Mechanisms

Prepare a 10-15 slide presentation which contains the following: >Various control mechanisms used in each team members' organization. >Describe the control mechanism and state the type that it is based on the information in the text. >Effectiveness of these control mechanisms. >Examines positive and negative reactions to