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Business Management


Many years ago, W. Beveredge, an expert on thinking, made the following observation: "Probably the main characteristic of the trained thinker is that he does not jump to conclusions on insufficient evidence as the untrained man is inclined to do." Think of a recent occasion when your formed an opinion with little or no evidence


I need help writing the null and alternate hypothesis for this assignment; we are looking at moving a business to a home base operation. Below is what we have so far, from this information how would I write the null and alternate hypothesis? Introduction No more prevalent in the world is the ability to turn a business id

Business Communications: Writing a Letter to Employees RE; Plant Closure

During the last three years, company profits have declined and inventories have increased to the point that management has decided to consolidate its manufacturing operations into one plant. Although some of the employees from the closed plant in Normal, IL will be transferred to the remaining plant in Moline, many of the worker

Least Square Equations

The following tables lists the annual amounts of glass cullet produced by Kimble Glass Works, Inc. year code scrap(tons) 1999 1 2 2000 2 4 2001 3 3 2002 4 5 2003 5 6 Determine the least squares trend equation. Estimate the amount of scrap for the year 2005

Terms commonly used in tax practice

I am looking for an explanation or definition and maybe a couple examples of: Income from an "Active Business" Income from a "Specified Investment Business" Income from a "Personal Services Business" I am having a hard time understanding what the differences are between the three.

Management Tasks

A. You've been given the task of writing a new vision, mission, and guiding principles statement for your organization. Utilizing the principles of enabling employees, shared vision and inspiring and enlisting others into your vision, draft a new vision, mission and principles. B. As manager, you take work group on a retreat.

City Farm Insurance

Cost-benefit analysis of cash management City Farm Insurance has collection centers across the country to speed up collections. The company also makes its disbursements from remote disbursement centers so checks written by City Farm take longer to clear the bank. Collection time has been reduced by two days and disbursement time

Creating an evaluative matrix

I was giving two criterion for an evaluating matrix. I need to discuss what makes these two criterion useful for evaluating the change management plans. 1. Slide Design 2. Timeliness of Presentation

4 Types of Trends: Trend, Seasonal, Cyclical and Irregular

Trend Systematic: Overall or persistent, long-term upward or downward pattern of movement Changes in technology, populations, wealth. Value Several Years Seasonal Systematic: Fairly regular periodic fluctuations that occur within each 12-month period year after year. Weather conditions, social customs, religious customs Withi

Organizational Behavior as Survival of the Fittest

Pfizer buys Warner-Lambert. Alcoa purchases Reynolds Metals. Nestles S.A. merges with Ralston Purina. Each of these is a recent example of large companies combining with other large companies. Does this imply that small is not necessarily beautiful? Are mechanistic forms winning the "survival of the fittest" battle? What are the

Job Performance and Discipline

Please help with the following on business management. In addition to past work history and an employee's job performance, what other mitigating factors do you think a manager should use in applying discipline? And does not the mere attempt to use mitigating circumstances turn disciplinary action into a political process?


Past, Present, and Future (Critical Thinking)Tools for taking charge of your professional and personal life...personal and professional growth. a. The role of learning and its importance to your personal growth and development? b. Levels of professional competence in problem solving, written and oral communication skill

Margaret (Meg) Whitman

Identify the corporate strategies that were formulated by Margaret (Meg) Whitman that led to the success E-Bay (TM). Indicate any obstacles she had to overcome. Indicate any special skills or personality traits she possess that contributed to the success of the corporation.

Grocery store ethnography from a Korean Store in United States

Grocery store ethnography from a Korean Store in United States Grocery store ethnography Korean's stores in United States Theoretical background: Culture can be understood as a "web of significance," or the interaction of meanings that we attach to the patterns and artifacts around us (Geertz, 1973, p. 5). Learning about

Basic knowledge of the contents of the PMBOK.

Describe the purpose of PMBOK, how it is developed, and how it can be used. Make sure that it covers: Basic knowledge of the contents of the PMBOK. Identify the five project lifecycle phases and their components.

What type of test to use for this problem?

It was claimed recently that more than 65% of high school students in the United States use computers for educational purposes. We wish to examine this claim. We choose a random sample of 170 U.S. high school students and find that 113 of these students use computers for educational purposes. Based on this, can we conclude, at t

The Great Gatsby

The symbol of the billboard that has the eyes of Dr. T. J. Eckleburg


HTML and XHTML Research and identify two fundamental differences between HTML and XHTML. I need to provide examples: Find at least two HTML tags that are not valid in XHTML. What are some ways I can check to ensure that my code is valid XHTML? In answering these questions, be sure to identify what the function of the tag is

Organizing a Public Relations Event

Prepare a paper in which you create a plan to execute and publicize an assigned event for a selected company. The plan must include objectives/goals of the event, primary public, PR tools required, a list of targeted media, and a method to evaluate the success of the event. Be sure to address the following questions: What i

Case Study - Ellen Moore: Living and Working in Bahrain

I attached the information of the case including the questions that I need to answer and the reading of the case. Questions: 1. What would you advise Ellen to do and why? What should be her objectives? Are those objectives and actions consistent with what you would do if you were in her situation? 2. Why is Ellen succ

Business Management Questions

1. Discuss the differences between a consultant and a surrogate manager. Which is more effective in the long term and why? 2. Define authenticity in the context of a consultant. Discuss the strengths and weaknesses of being "authentic". 3. How do you know you are making good decisions when the stakeholders have varied

Employee Orientation Presentation

I need to design and implement a training presentation for the management training track of a company that is a growing business consulting firm. I have to design new employee orientation presentations inclusive of our matrix structure. Our company places high value on making work meaningful for our employees believing this fo

Listening to Help

In Ronald Adler and Neil Towne's text "Looking Out, Looking In", the authors list several ways that we listen to help. They include: 1. Advising: offering a solution ("I think you should do this...") 2, Judging: evaluating the sender's message ("Your boss is a jerk, anyway.") 3. Analyzing: interpreting the message ("From wh

Public Policy - HOPE VI program - Washington DC

The policy is related to public housing issues and the HOPE VI Prgram launched in 1992. --Discuss the objectives of the policy, especially noting any that may seem to be conflicting. Evaluate the need to balance competing interests and make tradeoffs --Discuss the pros and cons of the policy as it relates to the local go

Rewards System Questions

1. Identify what information is needed in order to create an appropriate rewards system in an organization. 2. Recommend strategies for an organization to create an appropriate pay mix that considers monetary and non-monetary rewards, benefits and special rewards.

Production Functions in the Short Term

This is a short-run production function where Q = units produced per month: Q = 150 K L + 6 K L^2 - 0.1 K L^3 ( Assume K is constant at 3 units) 1. At what level of labor utilization is total production maximized? What is the maximum level of total production that this firm can attain per month? (Rounded to the nearest f

Price Elasticity of Demand and Total Revenue for Roma

The Daily demand for "An annotated History of the banana," Roma's best selling book, is given by the equation: Q/day = 342 - 1.8 Price 1. Currently, Roma's Imperial Ministry of Trade & Tourism is selling this book at a price of $68.60 per copy. Estimate the point price elasticity of demand for this book at it's current sell