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Business Management

Difference in Business Entities

BC corp would like your feedback on the taxation implications for the various business entities. They are particularly concerned about how they will be taxed under each entity as they suspect profits will be large. Part 1 Develop a 5-6 slide presentation on the following business entity options: C Corporation S Corpora

Factionalism Evaluation

Select a contemporary issue that that has generated polarized view points (environmental policy, taxation and income redistribution, benefits for same-sex couples, worker's rights, and etc.). After selecting the issue, describe the competition between elite groups and/or special interest groups in regard to related policy decis

Human Capital Develpment

In today's workplace, the development of employees within the organization plays a significant role in enhancing employee behavior and establishing the future of the organization. What process would you suggest be used to identify those employees to be considered for development? Explain why this process would be valuabl

Internet vs. Power and Dominance of Television

Discuss whether or not the growing use of the Internet as a source for information, especially among professionals, is impacting the traditional dominance of media power in the leading television networks.

3 economics and management problems

Analytical Questions for DISCUSSION Economics and Management 1) For each of the following changes, state what will happen to market equilibrium price and quantity in the short run. (Use the demand curve) a. Consumers expect that the price of the good will be higher in the future. b. The price of a substitute good rises. c

Definition of Public Relations

Define public relations (PR). Include in your paper your personal definition of P.R. and definitions from three different sources (e.g., the International Association of Business Communicators [IABC], Public Relations Society of America [PRSA], text books). Compare and contrast these definitions. Why do you think there are

Social Science Paradigms

What is the connection between the six social science paradigms and the three methodological approaches (the analytical approach, the systems approach, and the actors approach) in business, and what are the key assumptions that drive the three methodologies? Which, if any, of the three methodologies have created the most si

Linear program using graphical method - Androgynous Bicycle

Androgynous Bicycle Company (ABC) has the hottest new products on the upscale toy market -- boys' and girls' bikes in bright fashion colors, with oversized hubs and axles, shell design safety tires, a strong padded frame, chrome-plated chains, brackets and valves, and a nonslip handlebar. Due to the seller's market for high-qu

Comparison of Environmental Policies

SELECT ANY TWO COMPANIES. Which of two companies has the most responsible environmental policies? Compare and contrast the companies. There are two parts you must complete for this unit: Part 1: Select your topic and research the topic to ensure there is enough information to support your paper. Read through the research

Why is forecasting important to an organization?

You are a participant in the biweekly meeting with the finance department. You have been asked to lead the discussion on the role that forecasting should play at Strident Marks. Discuss the financial statement forecasting process and compare it to, and differentiate it from, the budgeting process. Why is forecasting important to


Select an elite figure from any of Dye's key sectors of power. Utilizing a minimum of three sources, write a paper that addresses the following points: Dye's key sectors of power are: a) industrial (nonfinancial) corporations, b) banking, c)insurance, d) investments, e) mass media, f) law, g) education, h) foundations, i) c

Pluralism vs. Elitism Opinion

Compose a paper in which you express a personal judgment regarding which theory (pluralism or elitism) best describes wealth and power in the United States. In your response, please be sure to address the following points: a. Disclose your participation in political activities. Assess how these activities may have inf

Influence Chart for Business Management

The amount of George's weekly paycheck is determined by five factors: wages. travel reimbursement, sales commission, an allowance for parking and an allowance for tolls. George's wages are determined by the number of hours he works and his hourly wage rate. His travel reimbursement is determined by the distance driven and the

How can members of a workplace team help each other?

Part of being a good team player is helping other members. How can members of a workplace team help each other? How do team members know when they have achieved synergy? What should the other team members do when they uncover a social loafer?

Workplace Improvement Analyst

Functional Purpose: Analyzes workplace issues and collaborates with cluster leadership to develop corrective and proactive solutions; develops strategies and makes recommendations to improve organizational effectiveness and transform work culture; serves as a leader or member of local workplace improvement teams. 1. Knowle

Operations Specialist

Functional Purpose: Develops, coordinates, implements and evaluates national policies, programs and procedures in a major area of postal operations such as processing, delivery, service, complement planning, or systems implementation. 1. Knowledge of national policies, programs, and procedures related to postal operations,

Wealth/Power for Pluralists

Describe how pluralist theorists explain wealth, power, and influence in the United States. The development of environmental organizations was used as an example of disturbance theory. What is another example from U.S. history that can also be used as an example of disturbance theory?

Training and Development Questions/Assistance

1. Consider two philosophies in training and development: (1) mold the person to the job, and (2) mold the job to the person. As workforce demographics change over time, how do these philosophies translate in modern HR management? Are there other approaches to matching people to jobs that may be viable? What are the implicatio

Development and Retention Questions - Ford Motor Industry

In detail and using your expertises please attempt to create a plan for effectively training, developing and retaining employees in the FORD MOTOR industry. Keeping in mind the strategic needs of the industry and include methods like workers gain and retain desirable skills, find opportunities for growth and advancement, and exp

Department of Justice Lawsuit Against Microsoft

Answer the following questions related to the Department of Justice lawsuit against Microsoft. 1. What is the current state of ruling? 2. What is the next step? 3. What effect has any part of this suit had on Microsoft products? 4. What do you believe the future effect will be on Microsoft? 5. Were the courts consistent

Critical Thinking: Implementation an Evaluation Plan

Implementation an Evaluation Plan Please answer the following questions: 1) Under what circumstances would benchmarking (or any other evaluation tool) be appropriate as an evaluation tool? 2) How do you evaluate an implementation plan? 3) How do you evaluate a contingency plan? 4) How can you tell if your decision-making

Forecasting and the Budget Process

What are four variables used in the forecasting portion of the budgeting process? What is the danger of forecasting based on history alone? How can you create a meaningful forecast that reflects the fact that business conditions are always changing?


The Allied Company has factories with production capacities as follows: Factory #1 23 Factory #2 20 Factory #3 15 The forecast demand for the four regional warehouses ar as follows: Region# 1 14 Region# 2 12 Region# 3 10 Region# 4 18 The shipping cost (per unit) from each of the factories