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Personal reflection of environmental concerns

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What is your view of how things stand with the environment? How big an issue is this for us, how much (if any) is business responsible for it? How much change (if any) is needed to get us on the right track?

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My view is that we stand at a precarious point in terms of the environment and our response to the growing changes. When entire species (many more than one or two) have disappeared and glaciers are melting at such a rapid pace, people need to think and start responding. One of the factors, the current weather around the world and specifically the cold in the Northern half of the earth, would lead one to believe that the global warming is just overblown. However, the warming trend has melted ice and that cold water is now creeping outward and in many ways will impact the temperatures and weather patterns. The loss of trees and plants that create the needed air for humans and animals are another area of concern. Not only do ...

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A discussion on environmental concerns and the viewpoint of the author about those concerns.