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Environmental Concerns of Removing Old Hardware

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I need help writing a 350 word paper describing some of the environmental concerns of removing old hardware and disposing of it. What are some common steps and what type of procedures might a company put into place?

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Environmental concerns of removing and disposing old hardware

First of all, let's look at what is actually considered "waste" when it comes to computers. E-waste as it is called, consists of old computer hardware and all its parts, defective electronic equipment including cell phones and personal computers, laptops, televisions, and things of the like.
Since technology is changing ever so rapidly compared to previous times, the turnover rates for electronic devices especially computers is high. Not to mention how much electronics have gotten cheaper over time.

The problem: -
If electronics are not disposed of properly, the probability of causing ...

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The solution outlines the major environmental concerns of computer wastes and the effects it will have on the environment if it is not disposed off properly. It then outlines what companies can do to avoid these concerns and stay inline with EPA requirements.

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