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    NADA Value requet

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    I need to find the NADA (Must be NADA) TRADE-IN value for a 1982 4 door sedan Mercedes Benz 300SD
    6 cylinder.

    vin WDBCB20A8CB017373
    Mileage around 215,643

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    This is what I found on the NADA website. I did not see an area for the mileage, but I did put in the zip code 02542 which is Buzzards Bay, MA (we lived at Otis for 8 yrs). You can look at the website here:


    Hope this helps!!


    Original MSRP: $36,830 Low Retail Average Retail Value High Retail
    Base Price $5,725 $7,975 $10,800
    Total Price $5,725 $7,975 $10,800

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