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Business Management

What is a mental model/mindset?

? What is a mental model/mindset? What forces influence a mental model/mindset, and what forces cause the evolution of that mental model/mindset?

Research regarding calcium supplementation

What does the research show with regard to calcium supplementation? Is it better for a person to get their calcium from the foods they eat, or from a calcium supplement (pill)? Child-teenager?

Satiety Time Mechanism

What is the scientific mechanism that lets tells your brain that you are "full" (satiety) after you've eaten? How many minutes will this typically take to have that "full" feeling in an average individual?

Realage Survey

Go to www.realage.com and take the "realage" survey. Were you surprised at all by the results? What suggestions does the survey make to improve your overall health? Please share anything you may have learned from taking this survey.

Business Management and Selective Hiring

Pictures and Promotions Modeling Studio seeks to hire male models for an upcoming fashion show featuring men's wear. The studio is using ________ as a justification for not considering women for the jobs. a. BFOQ b. ADEA c. EEOC d. ADA

MyRate by Progressive

Prepare a summary and analysis of 8 to 10 articles relevant to the New Product/Service (MyRate by Progressive Insurance). APA Formatted with reference.

Business Meeting Protocol

Business Meeting Protocol A follow on to the Management of Communications discussion regarding business meeting format and protocol. We recently tried to study (informally) our meeting habits and one point was almost unanimous, groups as a whole are losing discipline. The standard rules of order, that have been an assumed skil

The Digestive System and Its Functions

Explain the function of each one as it relates to digestion and absorption. Explanations must be written as complete sentences. Stomach Pyloric sphincter Liver Gallbladder Pancreas Villi Appendix Rectum Anus.

Physical and chemical digestion.

Please define "physical digestion". How does it differ from chemical digestion. Does the stomach do just physical, or both physical and chemical? What acids does the stomach secrete and what is the general pH of the stomach?

Whether or not the seven U.S. Attorneys fired in 2006 should have had statutory protection from the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) against dismissal, our personal feelings on whether these firings were "fair", and what we feel the implications could be for public administration if the issue is let go.

In this module, we are asked to read about the firings of seven United States attorneys in late 2006. We are asked whether or not these attorney's have statutory protection from the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) against dismissal, our personal feelings on whether this move was "fair", and what we feel the implications c

Computing Total Cost of Job: Jewell Plant

Conceptual Exercise The Jewell plant has two categories of overhead: maintenance and inspection. Costs expected for these categories for the coming year are as follows: Maintenance $360,000 Inspection $750,000 The plant currently applies overhead using direct labor hours and expected capacity of 100,000 direct labo


Please see attached for data and questions. DO U.S. WORKERS "LIVE TO WORK"? Many people around the world believe that U.S. adults live only to work. Do we really work that much harder than people in other countries? To answer this question, we turn to data collected by OECD, and organization that does research on economy

Business Management: Work Breakdown Structure

Create a work breakdown structure for lifetime learning. Steps involved: - Identify the primary requirement or objective. This should be a clear item, based on customer requirements, to which the entire team agrees. Write this requirement at the top of the chart. - Subdivide the requirement statement into major secon

Supermarket microeconiomics

The local supermarket buys lettuce each day to ensure really fresh produce. Each morning any lettuce that is left from the previous day is sold to a dealer that resells it to farmers who use it to feed their animals. This week the supermarket can buy fresh lettuce for $4.00 a box. The lettuce is sold for $10 a box, and the de

Discussion Question

1. Under what circumstances might a market-pull approach or a technology-push approach to a new-product design be the best approach?

Research Report: Evaluating a New Service/Product (MyRate)

Could you please help with this assignment? I only need an executive summary. I am submitting the articles on it. I need it by tonight no later than 12:00pm. EST. Time Zone USA. Research Report: Evaluating a New Service or Product (MyRate) Executive Summary-- A brief synopsis of the entire report. As the name implies, if

Using the Nadler-Tushman Congruence Model

Using the Nadler-Tushman Congruence Model, conduct an analysis PetMeds' outputs. Identify PetMeds' key outputs and justify why they are the most important to your analysis. Remember that outputs are frequently quantified as turnover rates or sales volume, for example. Evaluate the quality of the fit between outputs. How d

Crashing (OM) for T-O-Y Inc: Critical path, completion, total

Development of a new deluxe version of a particular toy is being considered by T-O-Y Inc. The activities necessary for the completion of this project along with the relevant information for each activity are listed in the following table. The Total Crash Time represents the time for that activity after it has been crashed the m