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Business Management

Business Operations Management

The three blood banks in Franklin County are coordinated through a central office that facilitates blood delivery to four hospitals in the region. The cost to ship a standard container of blood from each bank to each hospital is shown in the table below. Also given are the biweekly number of containers available at each bank a

Key elements on conducting business presentations

Wordplay Greeting Cards has retained your firm for one last project. Specifically, they would like you to create the materials and presentation for the results of your research (the research you summarized in the Unit 5 Individual Project) and present this to four separate groups as follows: *Corporate Office *Region Offic

How did literature change in the 20th century?

How did the more dynamic and complex view of the universe affect the literature, art, and composition of the early twentieth century? How did literature change from previous eras in the 20th century?

Linear program

Consider the following linear programming problem: Min x1 + 2x2 s.t. x1 + 4x2 ≤ 21 2x1 + x2 ≥ 7

The Exley Chemical Company Case

Read The Exley Chemical Company Case in Chapter 11 of your text. (SEE ATTACHED) You are to act as an OD consulting team who has landed the Exley Chemical Company as a client. Collaborate on creating a case analysis using the Case Analysis Format as it appears on page 342 of your text. (SEE ATTACHED) You can add additional space

Performance Appraisal Programs

SCENARIO: You are the Director of Compensation and Benefits for Lansing-Smith Corporation, a 6-month old sales and service organization that currently has a workforce of 150 employees. You recently joined the organization when the Vice President of Operations decided to move the Compensation and Benefits function out of the Acc

Case analysis of Luchetti

Apply underlying theory to write a case analysis about Lucchetti, including recommendations in the report Lucchetti pp 171-183 Strategic Management 7th edition by Hill/Ireland Conclusions ? Businessmen in Peru tend to make decisions based more on business objectives rather than on ethical issues. ? Str

Solution must be with POM Software

Program the linear programming formulation for the problem below and solve it with the use of POM (software). A firm uses three machines in the manufacturing of three products: ? Each unit of product 1 requires three hours on machine 1, two hours on machine 2, and one hour on machine 3. ? Each unit of product 2 require

Discuss: Elastic, Inelastic or Unitary Elastic?

Suppose the price of apples rises from $3 a pound to $3.45 and your consumption of apples drops from 30 pounds of apples a month to 21 pounds of apples. Calculate your price elasticity of demand of apples. What can you say about the price elasticity of demand of apples? Is it Elastic, Inelastic, or Unitary Elastic? Be sure to sh

Change Management

What recommendations would you give for a manager to lead the change process and then sustain the changes in an organization?

2 Questions

1. (TCO D) When there is a production constraint, a company should emphasize the products with: the highest unit contribution margins the highest contribution margin ratios the highest contribution margin per unit of constrained resource the highest contribution margins and contribution


(See attached file for full problem description) --- 14-11 The activities in the table apply to the computerization of a company's accounting system, presently operated manually. (see chart in attached file) All of the program routines can be written independently before the computer is installed and can be debug

Cost Management Systems

Activity-based costing (ABC) is a system that gathers overhead costs for organization activities, and then assigns those costs back to products, services, departments, sales territories or other cost objects. La Villa Roma Pizza wants to determine the cost of delivering pizzas to clients. The company is considering whether to ch

Healthcare Management - Identify the organization's core competencies.

1. Identify and describe the healthcare organization that will serve as your focus throughout the course. Include details about the population it serves and the services it provides. 2. Identify the expectations and needs of the healthcare customer within that population. 3. Evaluate the organization's vision and mission sta

Operations management

The Maser is a new custom-designed sports car. An analysis of the task of building the Maser reveals the following list of relevant activities, their immediate predecessors, and their duration. (see chart in attached file) a) Draw a network diagram for the project. b) Mark the critical path and state its length. c) If t

Critical and Non-Critical Paths

The estimated times and immediate predecessors for the activities in a project at Caesar Douglas' retinal scanning company are given in the following table. Assume that the activity times are independent. (see chart in attached file) a) Calculate the expected time and variance for each activity. b) What is the expected c

Why you choose business school?

Why did you choose business school over other educational opportunities? What contribution will you make to the business world? How would a Business School Scholarship help you meet your educational and professional goals?

Calculate the CPI, SPI, CSI, and the ETC and EAC

2. A sales project at month 5 had an actual cost of $34,000, a planned cost of $42,000, and a value completed of $39,000. Find the cost and schedule variance and the CPI and SPI. 4. A project to develop a county park has an actual cost in month 17 of $350,000, a planned cost of $475,000, and a value completed of $300,000.

Brainstorming Tools

Prepare 2 Microsoft® PowerPoint® slides for Brainstorming tools. These slides shall (i) describe the tool, and (ii) discuss/illustrate possible applications. In addition, each slide must be fully supported with a narrative explanation as if this were presenting the slide. This can be embedded in the "click to add note


Define Mintzberg's role matrix. What is the most important aspect of that matrix to understand from a managerial viewpoint? Do you think the matrix is relevant in today's workplace?

Safety/Security Management

1. What required experience is needed when assessing safety/security programs, operations, processes, equipment and systems? 2. If there were critical safety/security challenges confronting a zoo environment; what steps would a manager take to overcome them? 3. What are possible goals to achieve within the first six mo

Job Description and Performance Standards

Use any of the following: the position you choose for developing a selection process in Units 1 and 2; your own job description at your current position; OR a job description you locate on the internet. Using the JOB DESCRIPTION as a base, develop performance standards for this particular position. Specifically you are to

Qualitative Analysis for Management

Solving real world complex problems using either traditional optimization techniques or modern heuristic techniques would make interesting work. What do the terms heuristic and optimization (or optimal) mean? What is a quantitative application for each? Some independent research is needed. What was your source(s) for add


Need help answering the questions noted below. If you use the work of others in answering the question, please cite using correct APA style. What are the purposes of scholarly writing? How do the components of scholarly writing help achieve those purposes?

Week 5 DQ 1

Discuss the following statement: No organization is immune to the contact and presence of the Internet and the technology that surrounds it. Those organizations that are successful going forward will be those who manage to balance their strategy in all of its areas; those organizations that are very successful will be those t

This is a graduate Operations Management question

Imagine that you have just been put in charge of assessing a feasibility of using a new technology in your business. What steps will you take to determine whether or not this is the right step for your company to take? What types of costs and benefits will you need to assess?