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    Product Warranty

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    Have you ever purchased a product and a few days after the warranty expires the product breaks? What are your thoughts around this?

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    Three years ago, I bought a Playstation 3 for my sons and it had a warranty of one year, which offers free parts and labor during the warranty period. We were happy with the product that time as we didn't encounter any major repair problem. However, after a week of the warranty expiration, the product ceased to function well and we were disgusted about it because it was expensive and it is a famous brand and we did not expect it to have a life span equivalent to its warranty period only. Their fees for checking up and fixing the problem are so high that we don't have a choice but to buy a new one. We couldn't get the satisfaction that we need knowing that their products last only during the warranty period. I felt that we have been cheated of our money because we were made to believe that the ...

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    Personal thoughts about purchasing a product that broke right after its warranty expired.