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Business Management

Volume discounts

I have a special occasion gift basket store and virtual storefront on the internet. I have to come up with volume discounts. I need 3 or 4 points about volume discounts.

Business Stakeholders

Imagine that you are thinking of starting a new restaurant in your community. Who would be the various "stakeholders" of your business? What are some of the things you could do to benefit your community (through your new business) other than just providing jobs and tax revenue? How would you establish good relationships with you

Gantt & Critical Path Method Charts

Objective: -Develop a project plan based on project goals. -Develop a project budget. -Construct visual aids such as Gantt charts, Critical Path Method charts, Choose a project. Help me by giving me an example of what project you would choose. Try to choose a project that is business-relate

Strategy of Converting to Electronic Publishing

Newspapers and book publishers should convert to electronic publishing over paper publishing as their primary product. -Identify challenges in strategy implementation. -Formulate strategies and potential strategic alternatives for different situations. -Discuss the impact of technology on business.

Negatives & Positives of the Internet

!) What is greater - the benefits from the internet that enhance our lives, education, and health, or the damage the internet does to our society through illegal and illicit activities? 2) What can be done to lessen the negative impacts of the underground internet on society? who should be responsible for taking these action

Identifying a specific theory of group interaction and development

Prepare report identifying a specific theory of group interaction and development. Apply this theory to the work environment. The report must cover the following topics: a. Explain how it applies to professional work dynamics. b. Describe how the theory would designate the team member roles and responsibilities. c. Expla

Business research for decision making and the relevance of data analysis

Read articles on the following topic to prompt a discussion on the relevance of data analysis. Merck (Vioxx) and Health Care: Congressional Hearing Focuses on Merck's Marketing for COX-2 Drug Vioxx Merck Announces Voluntary Worldwide Withdrawal of Vioxx Merck Asks Judge to Dismiss Vioxx Trial QUESTIONS: Propose

Time Study-Normal Time and Standard Time

In an attempt to increase productivity and reduce costs, Pho Shigma Corporation is planning to install an incentive pay plan in its manufacturing plant. In developing standards for one operation, time-study analysts observed a worker for 30 minutes. During that time the worker completed 42 parts. The analysts rated the worker as

End-User Development

Name some policies and procedures for managing end-user development and describe them. Please also provide internet source to read more about it.

Quantitative methods: Multiple choice questions on LP

1. The constraint 5x1 - 2x2 < 0 passes through the point (xx, 50). xx = ? 2. In a linear programming problem, the binding constraints for the optimal solution are 5X + 3Y < 30 2X + 5Y < 20 Fill in the blanks in the following sentence: As long as the slope of the objective function stays between _______ and _______, the

Cultural Behavior

Your company will be hosting a major international conference on fiber optic technology in about two weeks. Many guests will be attending the conference from South America, the Middle East, and Asia. The company wants its employees to be sensitive to the cultural attitudes and behaviors of each area. Cultural sensitivity trainin

Create a PowerPoint Presentation on a Topic of Your Choice

Choosing a topic (a hobby you enjoy, a business you own or would like to start, an idea for a new product) of your choice, create two simple (5-6 slides) PowerPoint presentations with speaker's notes: One using the AutoContent Wizard. One made completely from scratch. Each presentation should contain the following eleme

Business Management Study Questions

1. Which of the following has a weakness in that it does not tell whether the variation is a result of special causes or common causes? a. Histogram b. Check Sheet c. Pareto Chart d. Run Chart e. Stratification 2. Which information from the benchmarking process may have more value? a. Qualitative b. Quantitative c

Organic versus mechanistic organizations

I need assistance with the following questions. 1. Discuss and contrast the relative value and use of organic and mechanistic organizations. When would each be best? 2. Organizational goals are important, where do they originate? Also, what is the possible impact goals may have on an organization and its activities.

Perception of Power/Power in Organizations

1. Discuss the concept of power from both a management and worker perspective and provide some examples. 2. Based on the article "A Strategic Contingencies Theory of Intraorganizational Power," by D. J. Hickson, C. R. Hinings, C. A. Lee, R. E. Schneck, and J. M. Pennings, that appeared in the Administrative Science Quarterl

Needs centered training model or ADDIE

1. Research the various Instructional Systems Design (ISD) models. Note: ADDIE is an example of an ISD model. 2. Choose the "Needs-Centered" training model or a different ISD approach (e.g., ADDIE) based on your research. 3. Create a handout that clearly explains each step in the entire training model you chose in Action I

Katie Moon Case Study

The Case: You work for a small public relations firm based in Mobile. One of your personal clients, Ms. Katie Moon, creates original pottery objects in her home based studio just north of town. Ms. Moon is only twenty-four but already a stand-out potter. She has a large local clientele, but most of her sales are Web based.

Bribery or Not?

"Paying a large tip to secure a better table in a restaurant is the same as offering a bribe in business to secure a contract." Do you defend or oppose this statement? Explain.

Delegation Concept in an Organization

Prepare a discussion in which you illustrate how managers in your organization delegate as part of their management responsibilities. Explain how delegation could be used more effectively in planning, organizing, leading, or controlling within your organization. Also, describe what skills are necessary for effective delegation.

PowerPoint Usage

A fellow coworker mentioned an article at Microsoft Powerpoint Web page ( You read article titled: '' Presentation View: Tools for running a Powerpoint Presentation ''. You are excited about what you learned and sent an Instan

Criminal Justice/Integration

You have a nephew in high school that e-mails you and asks for your help with a school project about probation departments. Specifically, he has asked for help regarding how probation departments could better handle their increasing case load of probationers. Analyze the problem and reply to your nephew's e-mail giving him infor