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Business Management

Singapore Business

Based on the attached article "HP in Singapore". - Compared to other countries, why did HP select Singapore? - What were 'key criteria'? - When did it establish its wholly-owned-subsidiary there? - What cases of ethnocentrism are identified in the mini-case? - How did HP Singapore become 'a strategic factory and developmen

Changing American Wealth

How much change has taken place through the years among the industries that have been the source of wealth for America's richest individuals? What does this say about the changing nature of the economy? ** See attached file for full problem description and graph/chart. **

Mr. Jorge Munoz Sales Representatives and Employee Training and Development

The Director of Sales, Jorge Muñoz, has approached you to recommend training for new sales representatives. In the form of an e-mail, identify the training objectives and the audience analysis that you will recommend to Mr. Muñoz. To help you identify the type of work Sales Representatives perform, check out the Occupati

Public Relations, advertising and publicity

What are some differences between advertising and publicity? What are some positive and negative aspects of publicity? Why is it important to have a PR campaign? What is a real world example of a situation that illustrates the importance of a PR campaign?

Managing Organization Change

Read the Case Study "The British Airways Swipe Card Debacle" on pages 221 - 223 (FOUND IN ATTACHMENT) of your text. Please respond in bullet form. Review the British Airways Case Study, drawing on each of the perspectives addressed in Chapters 7 and 8. (Organization Development, Sense-making, Change Management, Contingency,

Supplier & Buyer Power

In the breakfast cereal industry, companies such as Kellogg, Quaker Oats, and General mills sell their cereals to grocery chains, discount stores and independent grocers. Chain retailers, such as Wal-Mart, Kroger, Safeway, Costco, and Albertson's, purchase the majority of breakfast cereal. Of these, Wal-Mart accounts for more

Operations Management - Forecasting and Aggregate Sales

8. Tucson Machinery, Ins., manufactures numerically controlled machines, which sell for an average price of $0.5 million each. Sales for these NCM's for the past two years were as follows: Quarter Quantity 2004 I 12 II 18 III 26 IV

Operations Management

Corning Glass Works Case I need assistance to do the following--Use a decision tree to decide the fate of M&E Division of Corning Glass Works, clearly state the problems, show the current work flow design and any improvements that you may recommend. Show flow charts, etc. Clearly identify the problems for the case, ident

Operations Management - Lucent Technologies, Global Supply Management

Case Study Analysis: Case Study Analysis:Lucent Technologies, Global Supply Management Read the case study Case Study Analysis: Lucent Technologies, Global Supply Management. Clearly identify the problems from the case, identify the firm's current strategy and current logistics design, then discuss what strategy would make th

6 stages of multinationalization

Google, Inc. Describe how it has become multinational by progressing through 2 or more stages of Jacoby's 6 stages of multinationalization.


5. The multiplicative model a. uses centered moving averages to smooth the trend fluctuations. b. removes trend before isolating the seasonal components. c. deseasonalizes a time series by dividing the values by the appropriate seasonal index. d. provides a unique seasonal index for each observation of the time series.


- What advantages do stage 3 and stage 4 companies have? - What advantages do stage 1 and 2 companies have? - Does company size and maturity matter as it competes in the marketplace?

Tech Eras

- What is the difference between 'using, developing and owning the technology'? - Some thinkers claim the world has experienced 4 major eras. They are: - the agricultural era, - the industrial era, - the information era, and the, - the biotechnology era. List 3 or 4 technical innovations/products from each

MBA Students and Global Market, Technology Management

- Why is it important for MBA students to learn and know about global markets, not just domestic markets? - Can you explain why doing an MBA in Technology Management is less about technology and more about doing business with that technology in overseas market? - Based on the material below, what business issues does the A

Classification of Competency

HPU (University)is beginning to offer an innovation in course delivery called the "hybrid." The hybrid allows students to (1) attend class in the classroom for the entire term or (2) take the same class entirely online or (3) come to that same class part of the time and go online the rest of the time. The hybrid also allows stud

Cross Cultural Business

1. What are the key cross-cultural challenges you have faced within the business? How have you resolved these? 2. What key skills do managers in international organizations need in order to lead their organizations successfully? Why?

Calculating Order Points

Bell computers produces and stocks computer printers in its finished goods warehouse. These DDLT historical data are believed to be representative of future demand for one printer model. Actual DDLT Frequency 0-29 0 30-39 .10 40-49 .10 50-59

Operations Management

Page 222 1. Consider the construction of a simple 8" X 10" wood picture frame. The picture frame consists of four wood pieces that are cut from the wood molding, four staples to hold the frame together, a piece of glass, a backing board made of cardboard, six points to hold the glass and backing board to the frame, and a clip

Intro Management Science

The athletic boosters club for Beaconville has planned a two-day fund-raising drive to purchase /uniforms for all the local high schools and to improve facilities. Donations will be solicited during the day and night by telephone and personal contact. The boosters club has arranged for local college students to donate their time

Two Essential Elements of Human Capital Development

Assist with your professional experience and reply to the following questions. A. Discuss and apply real-world examples, two essential elements of human capital development. B. Develop and discuss two metrics to evaluate a company's existing and needed skills sets. C. Critique a best practice in human capital development.

Declines in Employee Job Satisfaction

Please provide examples of the following: What are some of the explanations for the recent declines in employee job satisfaction? What can organizations do to overcome these issues?

Personal Budgeting

A friend tells you that she has a job that pays US$1,100 per month (after tax); however, she is spending US$1,300 per month and taking on more credit card debt to meet her monthly bills. In conversation she says, "I love to eat out, and music is my passion?so I need money for the things I want to do." She ends the conversation b

Research Approach in Leadership

Select a potential research approach (for example, fixed or flexible) and apply it to leadership. Justify the approach, including its advantages and disadvantages.

Decision Analysis for Meredith Delgado

Meredith Delgado owns a small firm that has developed software for organizing and playing music on a computer. Her software contains a number of unique features that she has patented so her company's future has looked bright. However, there now has been an ominous development. It appears that a number of her patented features

Program Management - Center for Information Technology

The Center for Information Technology at State University has outgrown its office in Bates (B) Hall and is moving to Allen (A) Hall, which has more space. The move will take place during the three-week break between the end of summer semester and the beginning of all semester. Movers will be hird from the university's phusical

Decision Analysis

The General Ford Motors Corporation is planning the introduction of a brand new SUV-the Vector. There are two options for production. One is to build the Vector at the company's existing plant in Indiana, sharing production time with its line of minivans that are currently being produced there. If sales of the Vector are just

Management Science

Management Science - Objectives, Constraints, Decision Variables. See attached file for full problem description. H J K Total resources available Resource X 4 6 5 1200 Resource Y 3 2 4 600 Resource Z 2 2 6 720 Profit contribution $34 $40 $44