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Business Management

Two Essential Elements of Human Capital Development

Assist with your professional experience and reply to the following questions. A. Discuss and apply real-world examples, two essential elements of human capital development. B. Develop and discuss two metrics to evaluate a company's existing and needed skills sets. C. Critique a best practice in human capital development.

Declines in Employee Job Satisfaction

Please provide examples of the following: What are some of the explanations for the recent declines in employee job satisfaction? What can organizations do to overcome these issues?

Personal Budgeting

A friend tells you that she has a job that pays US$1,100 per month (after tax); however, she is spending US$1,300 per month and taking on more credit card debt to meet her monthly bills. In conversation she says, "I love to eat out, and music is my passion?so I need money for the things I want to do." She ends the conversation b

Research Approach in Leadership

Select a potential research approach (for example, fixed or flexible) and apply it to leadership. Justify the approach, including its advantages and disadvantages.

Decision Analysis for Meredith Delgado

Meredith Delgado owns a small firm that has developed software for organizing and playing music on a computer. Her software contains a number of unique features that she has patented so her company's future has looked bright. However, there now has been an ominous development. It appears that a number of her patented features

Program Management - Center for Information Technology

The Center for Information Technology at State University has outgrown its office in Bates (B) Hall and is moving to Allen (A) Hall, which has more space. The move will take place during the three-week break between the end of summer semester and the beginning of all semester. Movers will be hird from the university's phusical

Decision Analysis

The General Ford Motors Corporation is planning the introduction of a brand new SUV-the Vector. There are two options for production. One is to build the Vector at the company's existing plant in Indiana, sharing production time with its line of minivans that are currently being produced there. If sales of the Vector are just

Management Science

Management Science - Objectives, Constraints, Decision Variables. See attached file for full problem description. H J K Total resources available Resource X 4 6 5 1200 Resource Y 3 2 4 600 Resource Z 2 2 6 720 Profit contribution $34 $40 $44

Technology Forecasting

# Why are technology strategy and technology forecasting so important in today's global business climate? # Given all the various technology forecasting approaches, what are the key factors in shaping an organization's "TF portfolio," that is, the TF techniques it chooses to implement?

Thinkings of a Determinist

A determinist would think which to be true human life is pre-destined from birth,god pre-determines human actions,humans don't have free will or all of the forementioned

Change in focus

What should an organization do if the market or customer focus changes mid-stream of the product development process?

The SAS Human Capital Management System

Imagine that you work in the HR department which is planning to install the SAS Human Capital Management system. Now, please help with the following questions: 1. How can you assure employees that the system will be used in an ethical and honest manner? 2. Under what conditions is it fair to use the information colle

Least cost matrix

A company has five (5) employees, which are to assigned five (5) projects. The dollar cost of each assignment (in $1,000s) arranged from employee 1 to employee 5, are as follows: Employee 1 Employee 2 Employee 3 Employee 4 Employee 5 Project 1 $40 $30 $70 $60

Business Letter

Please use your own style of writing a business letter. Please see the instructions attached.

Production and Operations Management: Location of a new warehouse/ distribution center Recommend a site based on these location factors and ratings. Please work in a spreadsheet to document calculations.

Exotech computers manufactures computer components such as chips, circuit boards, motherboards, keyboards, LCD panels and the like and sells tham around the world. It wants to construct a new warehouse/ distribution center in Asia to serve emerging Asian markets. It has identified sites in Shanghai, Hong Kong and Singapore and h

Business Communications: Writing Safety Policies for Handbook

As you serve at a company where employee job descriptions are broad, you often find yourself working in new areas on a project basis. You are one of the competent employees that the VP has chosen to form into a team to create an Employee Handbook. Your team will work specifically to develop safety policies and procedures for wor


Many years ago, W. Beveredge, an expert on thinking, made the following observation: "Probably the main characteristic of the trained thinker is that he does not jump to conclusions on insufficient evidence as the untrained man is inclined to do." Think of a recent occasion when your formed an opinion with little or no evidence


I need help writing the null and alternate hypothesis for this assignment; we are looking at moving a business to a home base operation. Below is what we have so far, from this information how would I write the null and alternate hypothesis? Introduction No more prevalent in the world is the ability to turn a business id

Business Communications: Writing a Letter to Employees RE; Plant Closure

During the last three years, company profits have declined and inventories have increased to the point that management has decided to consolidate its manufacturing operations into one plant. Although some of the employees from the closed plant in Normal, IL will be transferred to the remaining plant in Moline, many of the worker

Least Square Equations

The following tables lists the annual amounts of glass cullet produced by Kimble Glass Works, Inc. year code scrap(tons) 1999 1 2 2000 2 4 2001 3 3 2002 4 5 2003 5 6 Determine the least squares trend equation. Estimate the amount of scrap for the year 2005

Terms commonly used in tax practice

I am looking for an explanation or definition and maybe a couple examples of: Income from an "Active Business" Income from a "Specified Investment Business" Income from a "Personal Services Business" I am having a hard time understanding what the differences are between the three.

Management Tasks

A. You've been given the task of writing a new vision, mission, and guiding principles statement for your organization. Utilizing the principles of enabling employees, shared vision and inspiring and enlisting others into your vision, draft a new vision, mission and principles. B. As manager, you take work group on a retreat.

City Farm Insurance

Cost-benefit analysis of cash management City Farm Insurance has collection centers across the country to speed up collections. The company also makes its disbursements from remote disbursement centers so checks written by City Farm take longer to clear the bank. Collection time has been reduced by two days and disbursement time

Creating an evaluative matrix

I was giving two criterion for an evaluating matrix. I need to discuss what makes these two criterion useful for evaluating the change management plans. 1. Slide Design 2. Timeliness of Presentation

4 Types of Trends: Trend, Seasonal, Cyclical and Irregular

Trend Systematic: Overall or persistent, long-term upward or downward pattern of movement Changes in technology, populations, wealth. Value Several Years Seasonal Systematic: Fairly regular periodic fluctuations that occur within each 12-month period year after year. Weather conditions, social customs, religious customs Withi

Organizational Behavior as Survival of the Fittest

Pfizer buys Warner-Lambert. Alcoa purchases Reynolds Metals. Nestles S.A. merges with Ralston Purina. Each of these is a recent example of large companies combining with other large companies. Does this imply that small is not necessarily beautiful? Are mechanistic forms winning the "survival of the fittest" battle? What are the