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Business Management

Business Management

Please select 3 of the following questions and provide short essay answers for all 3 chosen. 1. Think of yourself as a business. Identify your lifetime goals and apply the management functions to the management of yourself in achieving those goals. Think of yourself as a one-employee business in which you are that employe

Training Costs

Jim worked as a laborer for a gas utility in Winnipeg, Manitoba. When the opportunity came to apply for a backhoe/front-end-loader operator job, he was excited. Three people applied. To select the one who would get the job, the company asked each of them to go out and actually work on the backhoe for a day. Jim felt his chance f

Charts and frequency tables

?Present a graph showing the frequency table results. Does it look like a normal curve? ?Calculate the 95% confidence interval for each. This is based on the charts along with the attachment already provided... See ATTACHED Excel files!

Business Writing Portfolio

Business Writing Portfolio Read: Chapter 11: Negative Messages, Basic Business Messages Locker-Kienzler: Business and Administrative Communications, Eighth Edition The McGraw-Hill Companies, 2008 · Suppose you are part of the following scenario: · You are a public relations manager who must presen

McGregor's Theory X

Managers who accept the assumptions of McGregor's Theory X are likely to design a very different work situation than managers who accept the assumptions of Theory Y. Discuss how managers who are committed to Theory X assumptions are likely to organize their work environment in terms of their relationships with their subordin

Important Information about Restructuring

"Restructuring" is a popular management technique in recent business experience within the United States. Define this term. Discuss both its positive and negative effects on the business that is restructured

Starbucks Mission Statement

Please find an existing mission statement of Starbucks and then comment on the features, strengths and weaknesses of this mission statement (up to 2 pages).

L'Oreal's worldwide corporate

Please review the career's link on L'Oreal's worldwide corporate Web site (go to and click on the company's worldwide corporate Web site option). The section provides extensive information about personal development, international learning opportunities, integration of new hires into existing teams, and other area

Affirmative Action

Prepare a 1,050-1,750-word paper in which you describe the elements of Affirmative Action as it applies to public sector and private sector employers, and how it interacts with Title VII requirements of Equal Employment Opportunity. Your paper should address (but is not limited to) the following: a. What employers are subjec

Image Management: Insurance Companies and Hurricane Katrina

After the occurrence of Hurricane Katrina, insurance companies refused to pay claims to insurance holders who paid premiums on time and had binding legal contracts. What do you think the impact is to the "image management" that these insurance companies will have to deal with after all of the law suits?

Business Management Statistics Questions

1) Which type of data (nominal, ordinal, interval, ratio) is each of the following variables? Explain. a. Number of employees in the Wal-Mart store in Hutchinson, Kansas. b. Number of merchandise returns on a randomly chosen Monday at a Wal-Mart store. c. Temperature (in Fahrenheit) in the ice-cream freezer at a Wal-Mart stor

Normal Curve, Z- and T-Statistic, and Confidence Intervals

1. What are the characteristics of a normal curve? Give 3 examples of processes, which could produce normally, distributed outcome. 2. What are the differences between z-statistics and t-statistics? 3. What do confidence intervals represent? Please use an example to complement your response.

Create a performance and career management program for employees

Career Development Plan Part III-Performance and Career Management. For this portion of the assignment, create a performance and career management program for the employees selected for your team. Resources: The Management Behavior, Career Development Plan Part I-Job Analysis and Selection, and Career Development Plan Pa

Reserve Funds

Would bank management ever face the situation confronting the manager of the prime reserve fund?

What are the training objectives for the CSS training program?

Case Analysis TRAINING for CUSTOMER SERVICE SPECIALISTS As a part of the president's initiative to remove " barriers to learning" at a regional midwestern university, an analysis of student services operations was conducted. The analysis revealed that the barriers deemed most important by students were those that would del

Managing: People, Groups, and Teams

Patricia works as a marketing consultant at a prestigious firm. She was thrilled when she got the job. However, she feels that her manager is overbearing, is extremely demanding, and treats her unfairly. Though unable to express her frustrations directly, she is less motivated, and this gets reflected in her work. How should Pat

Audience Analysis

Audience Analysis Paper · Write a 1,100- to 1,200-word paper addressing a situation in which you are called on to present quarterly sales information at an in-person meeting to a group of stakeholders, including managers, salespeople, and customers. Knowing communication must always be designed with the audience in

From CRM to PRM

Please read attached case and answer for those questions /3 pages/ Tandesic Corporation 1. Is CRM merely another name for market segmentation? What makes CRM (and e-CRM) different from segmentation? 2. What are the differences between developing and marketing customized software, versus developing and marketing product softw

Business Technology

Based on personal experience in the workplace, give examples of how management expects technology to improve business. Discuss how companies' current technology is meeting or not meeting business needs.

Critical Thinking as Applied to a Work-Related Decision

Describe critical thinking. Provide an example from your personal experience in applying critical thinking to a work-related decision, and the importance and benefits of critical thinking in the decision-making processes. Cite at least two different references.

How can HR manager Steve enforce discipline at the workplace

Steve, an HR manager, is in a difficult situation. He has made repeated attempts to get employees to maintain work timings, but he has failed. He sent circulars to department heads, but only some department heads have implemented the policies. Steve even notices that a few department heads flout the rules. When Steve requests th

Measure of Impact on Environment for ISO 14001

Your EMS creates a management system to help you better control your company's impact on the environment. To meet ISO 14001 requirements you need to collect qualitative and quantitative information relative to your company's environmental performance. To do this you must measure your impact on the environment. What is the p

Opinion of the work community: transformative process that involved an EMS

Many times environmental metrics are influenced by federal, state, and local government regulation. How does the concept of incorporating the opinion of the work community / community at large benefit the organization operationally? And if it does what would be the benefit to a transformative process that involved an EMS?

Can Julie be retained with alternative work arrangements? What are the drawbacks?

Your friend Julie is a senior accountant with a prestigious firm in the big city, and her husband Jack is an attorney with a practice in the same city. Jack has recently been informed that the firm is opening a new office in another state, and he is going to be transferred there as the managing partner. Julie loves her job, and

Examining a Business Failure

Examining a Business Failure Research a failure that occurred at a large organization such as WorldCom. Describe how specific organizational behavior theories could have predicted or can explain the failure of the company. Compare and contrast the contributions of leadership, management, and organizational structures to the o

Evaluate Fred's choice of a training program for local hardware store employees

Fred recently became a manager at a local hardware store that employs six managers and 55 nonmanagement employees. As new, larger chains such as Home Depot come to the area, the owner is concerned about losing many of his customers because he cannot compete on the basis of price. The management team met and discussed its strateg