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Business Management

Information and Decision Support

Reflecting on the Candidate Ethical Principles (golden rule, utilitarianism, categorical imperative, etc) and the Moral Dimensions of the Information Age (also referred to as PAPA issues: privacy, accuracy, property and access) explain how you would approach policy from the perspective of an end-user subject to the policies, a m

Performance Appraisal

Deliverable Length: 2 pages and 5 PowerPoint slides StopNShopNow, Inc.'s management team has implemented several of your ideas on incentive pay and is now reviewing the company's performance appraisal forms. These appraisal forms are very old: No one remembers where the forms came from or who made them. When the annual perfo

Social Change Topic

The social change topic that I chose to address is changes in medicine, and how new developments have influenced society's belief about the elimination of pain and suffering.

Business management and challenges

You are a manager within the marketing department of a large, high-technology computer manufacturing company. You are conducting face to face job interviews for an entry-level marketing position, and you have invited four job candidates for interviews today. As the hiring manager, create ten interview questions that you feel w

Excel Analysis

Your boss is aware that you are an MBA graduate from Southern State University. He confides in you that the executive Management Team has decided to add a new machine part to its product sales list. However, they are at a dilemma as to which way they should go to produce the part. She asked you to do an excel analysis to include

Functional Strategies

1. What examples of functional strategies do you see in this case? Label these examples and give specific descriptions of them. 2. As a company grows what challenges might it face in replicating in different locations that made it successful? How might these challenges be addressed? 3. On the web site what other examples o

Operations Management

1. Explain exponential smoothing and what the MAD and MSE scores mean in the attached spreadsheet. The original assignment was as follows. Your Director of Supply Chain needs help in developing forecasts. Choose one of the following three options. Develop forecasts for periods 6 through 24 using MA with 3 periods, 4 peri

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Since we can now use alternative dispute resolution, such as negotiation, mediation and arbitration, why would I ever want to go to court to decide my disputes? Because litigation is so expensive, does it ever make any sense to file a lawsuit to resolve a dispute?

Analyzing a poor decision

You will be analyzing a poor decision that you have made in which the results of your decision making turned our poorly. If possible the decision you choose to analyze should represent a decision you have made on the job (a business decision). You are preparing this analysis because your supervisor is concerned and wants to m

Develop an Environmental Policy Statement for Glade.

Develop an environmental policy statement for Glade. The policy statement must have the following components: 1. Basic policy statement 2. Justification for the policy 3. Those to whom the policy applies 4. How the policy is to be implemented 5. Who is responsible for implementing the policy 6. How the policy will

Point Factor Job Evaluation

Perform a point factor job evaluation for each of these six jobs using the Job Evaluation Grid below. retail cashier landscaper registered nurse police detective mechanical engineer engineering manager Also, use the Library and other Internet resources to research data that pertain to these positions.

Analyzing Positions

In part one of this activity, you will first use your point factor job evaluation from the Unit 2 Individual Project to determine the salary grades and salary ranges of the six identified positions. In the second part, you will use the pay level data listed on the Salary Grades and Ranges chart and employment data published by t

Strategic Management

........ can help an organization over its inertia. a. a crisis b. capabilities c. prior strategic commitments d. power struggles e. the Icarus paradox

Strategic Management - Icarus Paradox

The Icarus paradox can be overcome is a company ...... a. achieves superior innovation b. balances its pursuit of distinctive competencies c. develops its marketing expertise d. purses a growth strategy e. acheives superior quality at a low cost

Business Management Psychic

How will you prevent the psychic prison from occurring within your company? Provide specific methods and incorporate material from your research for Week 9. (If you use a thought, idea, phrase, statement, from any other source, you must reference it in APA format)

New Employee Training for a Sr. Collections/Credit Analyst

Answer the following questions about a new employee training program for the position you selected for your final project: 1. Needs assessment: What types of issues might indicate a need for training? From what sources would these issues be identified? If you were a training manager, how would you prioritize training needs fr

Corporate Governance

How can we design the committee's processes to make the most effective and efficient use of our time? What is the desired level of coordination between the audit committee, management, and the internal and external auditors? What type and level of information should management be presenting to the audit committee?

Questionnaires vs. Interviews

I have developed a questionnaire to use for collecting information in a survey. If I decided to use interviews to collect the information for the survey instead: 1. How would the preparation be different? 2. How would the questions be different? 3. How would the threats to the validity of the results be different?

The Three Main Types of Economic Systems

Please briefly address the following: List and define the 3 main types of economics systems found around the world. Give an example of each type of economic system. Provide the name of the country and the type of economic system it practices. Discuss several advantages and disadvantages of one type of economic system

JetBlue Airlines Analysis

1. What is the most important problem facing Jet Blue? 2. What recommendation(s) would you make to Jet Blue, and in what order of priorities? 3. How do you balance between your commitment to shareholders and your commitment to the community?

Teen Pregnancy

Prepare a paper describing your selected research issue - (Teen Pregnancy)- or problem. 1. Include a definition of the selection using quantifiable measures. 2. Finally, outline a business research process for addressing or finding a solution to your selected issue.

Excel Work

*Please show all work, use excel and identify the value and units measured. (Notes for my own Use: Ch14,7) A small maufacturer uses an industrial boiler in its production process. A new boiler can be purchased for $10,000 As the boiler gets older, its maintenance expenses increase while its resale value declines. Since t

Modeling Excel

Selecting Projects. The Texas Electronics Company (TEC) is contemplating a research and development program encompassing eight major projects. The company is constrained from embarking on all projects by the number of available scientist (40) and the budget available for projects ($300,000). Following are the resource require

Planning Inventories

The National Tire Company (NTC) manufactures only one type of tire and wants to plan its production and inventory levels for the next five months. Company policy is to schedule all of its overtime production during one month. The following table provides the relevant data for each month, where the inventory-level requirements

Art Appreciation

Discuss a minimum of two reasons why Jackson Pollock's Convergence (p. 510, Figure 734), is a work of "fine art" as opposed to an arbitrary composition of paint. Imagine that you are a defense attorney for this work of art. Establish a very strong "argument" for this artwork by first establishing what defines "fine art." Supp

Business Research and its Purpose

A) Define the business research and its purpose. B) Explain the business problem(s) under investigation. C) Identify the parties involved in conducting the research. D) Describe the method(s) used to conduct the research project.

Key Characteristics

Prepare a summation of key leadership characteristics of someone you know. Describe how these characteristics currently inhibit leadership growth and how working for improvement will make the person described a better leader. Use peer reviewed journals and books. If you cite the work of others in your response, use APA 5th