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    Sociological Perspectives and Cultural Relativism

    1. How do the three sociological perspectives differ? Does one make more sense to you than the others? Which one and why? 2. How does cultural relativism affect social relationships and processes?

    Maximize a linear objective function with constraints

    Maximize the objective function 2x + 3y subject to the constraints that x + twice y is at most 6; and the sum of 5 times x and 3 times y is at most 15; with both decision variables non-negative. Find the optimal solution using linear programming and the graphical solution procedure. What is the value of the objective fu

    Scientific Method

    Scientific Method Research scholarly journals and locate three to four peer-reviewed organizational research studies. Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper that explains how each study follows the scientific method, what questions the researchers were trying to answer, and what procedures were taken in research. Inclu

    The Value of the Firm's Operations: Required Rate of Return

    Fiedler Roofing, Inc. had a free cash flow of $275,000 last year. The firm is expected to grow at a 4% rate indefinitely is in the 20% tax bracket and investors have a 9% required rate of return. What is the value of the firm's operations?

    Records management Importance

    Discuss the importance of records management in maintaining a successful and functional office in a business environment. Subtopic 4: Discuss how coding affects storage, and retrieval. Subtopic 5: Describe how technology has impacted the process of records management.

    Research testing, reliability and validity

    1.Should an organization create research testing for all problems confronting the business? Why or why not? When is it appropriate to use exploratory research? Can decision-making be accomplished by using only descriptive research? Why or why not? 2.What is the reliability of a measurement? What is the validity of a measureme

    Survey: Asking questions in a survey

    I have to choose a topic that interests me. Formulate one or two questions I would like to ask in a survey. I have to design three scales based on these questions. I have to choose three of the five scales from below: 1) Graphic rating scale 2) Itemized rating scale 3) Comparative rating scale 4) Likert scale 5) Seman

    Environmental Factor Table

    I need assistance with writing an effective introduction for a paper (Coca Cola) that will consist of the information below. Introduction to the paper is the only thing that is needed. After looking briefly at Coca Cola's website on sustainability I have identified several areas: Refrigeration Emissions Packaging Energy

    Development of Federalism in the USA

    Expalin each question with an answer (in any format, but include citations when needed) with between 125 and 250 words. 1. Describe the development of federalism and the relationships among the various levels of government in the United States. 2. Compare and contrast the roles of administrators in the public a

    Team Creation: team development techniques

    "Some organizations have working groups that call themselves teams, but their work is produced by a combination of individual contributions. Teams produce work that is based on collaboration and collective effort" (Clark, 2010). Prior to selecting team members, a team leader should make a list of the type of team members they ar

    Pay survey data collection techniques

    Compare and contrast the different methods available for collecting survey data and include examples that are different from what is used in the textbook. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of each methods. Identify which method you believe to be the most effective and why. Identify which method you believe to be the m

    Budgeting and Forecasting

    Help answer the following budgeting and forecasting problems in at least 300 words. What are profitability ratios? Who uses them and why? What do Dell and HP's profitability ratios suggest?

    Widge Corp

    You're in a brainstorming session at WidgeCorp, where no idea is too outrageous. You're discussing penetration in the school lunch market. Ideas around school lunch subsidies, Internet subsidies, and Internet target marketing are being discussed. As the end of the meeting, the group asks you to prove or disprove some assumptions

    Improve the performance and effectiveness of this company

    What are you going to do to improve the performance and effectiveness of this company? I have a situation where the company performance is lackluster; it's lacking in sheen, brilliance, vitality, it's dull, and mediocre. The current managers are not able to motivate their subordinates or unable to increase the overall perfor

    Green Initiatives

    Hello, Need help compiling a 950 word paper on the company McDonald's that addresses the following items: Use data from the company you chose and answer the following questions: o What are some green initiatives your company is implementing? o Identify what you feel are driving forces behind those initia

    Function of Management Relation

    Explain how management functions relate to my organization which is commercial construction and I am the Assistant Office Manager. I need to have 700-1050 word paper describing the functions of management-planning, organizing, leading and controlling.

    Expat Executives Working for Chinese Boss

    What cultural tendenciesâ?"both Chinese and Westernâ?"are adversely affecting the expatâ??s working relationship with management in China? What can the expat do to ease that impact? What Chinese organizational issues are stressing the expat relationships and how might those be addressed? Please reference at lea


    Why is it important to have a sales training program? What would be included in a sales team training program? What determines the success level of a sales training program?

    Hospitality Management

    Discuss the role of a convention and visitors' bureau (CVB) and the tourism commissions in the hospitality industry.

    Concepts to Affect Current Careers

    1. Can an administrator combine doing well for government (efficiency and effectiveness) and doing the public good (customer satisfaction)? If so, how? If not, why? 2. What three concepts or techniques from this course might affect your current or future career in public administration? Discuss one of these concepts in detai

    Strategic Management process.

    Using the Internet resources, explain the Strategic Management process. Include the different aspects of the Strategic Management process. Superior posts will include examples from industry. Please provide references as well.

    Mary Kay Cosmetics Case Study

    This is a complete business case study on Mary Kay Cosmetics along with recommendations for improving employee moral and bottom line numbers.

    United States Postal Service Employees and Managers

    I need some help with coming up with a survey or questionnaire for employees and managers at the USPS office. I am doing an Organization Development study and need come up with some questions in regards to a problem and/or opportunity of the organization. I need it to be rated on a scale from 1 to 10 (1-being extremely dissati

    Mr. Gilbert's plan for implementation of net product or service

    The CEO of your company, Mr. Gilbert, has explained to you that the board is excited to hear your latest plans for the company's new revolutionary product/service. The board, which is made up of the top executives and owners, has put a lot of money into the creation of the new product/service, and the members not want to push th

    Accident in Saudi Arabia

    An average of 17 Saudi Arabian residents die on the country's roads each day, a report by the Kingdom's General Directorate of Traffic has revealed. The news comes after the World Health Organization found Saudi Arabia to have the world's highest number of deaths from road accidents, which now make up the country's principal cau