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    In this assignment, you are to discuss the final implementation plan. Include the following for discussion:

    State how the implementation will proceed. Provide a preliminary timeline for that implementation.
    Indicate your plans for revising your strategic plan in the face of obstacles that cannot be overcome.
    State your strategic objectives for the implementation phase of your project.

    Objective: Evaluate existing supply chains, identify deficiencies, and propose corrective actions to increase chain efficiencies.
    Learn and apply the analytical tools associated with operational decision making and optimization.
    Develop a clear understanding of the "big picture" allowing the student to work with or for Production/Operations personnel.
    Demonstrate collaborative, analytical and communication skills.

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    The paper deals with the implementation plan and time line of the Hewlett Packard. Firstly, we will deal with the company. Then, we will discuss about the HP deficiencies. Strategic plan is to be formulated to overcome the deficiencies of the company. Implementation Plan is discussed and its time frame is also discussed along with it.//


    Hewlett Packard is a California based company, which came into existence in 1935. It was originated by Will Hewlett and Dave Packard. In 1957, the incorporation went publicly. After being traded publicly, the company growth started increasing constantly in the US and Europe market. And then it entered the Asian market and Japan market.

    The company creates vast range of electronic products for industrial and agricultural use. This company deals in manufacturing and sales of personal computers and computer accessories like servers, storage, networking hardware, software and services, printers, imaging products ,etc. HP has established its name in the technology industry by providing the best quality products to the customers. HP Company merged with Compaq in 2002. This helped the company to become a global leader in the technology sector. HP captures new customers as it has started selling music, movies and imaging products (The History Of Hewlett-Packard, 2010).

    Above, we have discussed about the Hewlett Packard. Now the supply chain of HP will be discussed, and then the issues will be found out from the supply Chain. And then how to overcome these issues will be explained through the implementation plan.//

    HP supply chain has used a multi disciplinary strategy to measure and execute the adaptive supply chain process. HP global business needs an effective strategy so that a best supply chain can be developed. Areas which have been considered in the supply chain are: Customer Relationship Management, Planning, Partner Relationship Management, Order Management, Product Data Management, Procurement, Logistics and e-Business. Hp has five supply chain models. They are:

    No touch: In this, the product is directly delivered from manufacturer to customer.

    Low touch: In this, the product is provided to ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 1355 words with references.