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Business Management

Job Interview Questions

It is important that only questions pertinent to the job be asked in an interview. Construct several interview questions using the behavioral interviewing model and post them to the Discussion Board. Discuss the legality and appropriateness of questions. Reword questions as necessary to obtain as much information as possible so

Business Description

You have decided to open your own business and Dr. C will provide the funds to start your business. Accordingly, Dr. C is interested in specifics about your company. 1. What type of business will you open? (product or service, provide the name of your company, etc.) 2. How will you manage diversity in your company? 3. Ho

Hiring Process for an Assembly Worker

Can you help me get started with this project? Formulate a plan, including a flowchart, and the participants' roles for the hiring process for an assembly worker for Hyundai. Include the following: recruiting resources interview questions location references

Hiring Plan

Assume you have been promoted to your "dream job." But, before you leave, you must recruit, select, and train your successor. Develop a plan for how you are going to do this. These should be thorough and very detail-oriented. Where will you advertise? What tests will the candidates need to do? What skills must he/she dem

Academic perspective on Change

- Based on the attached text, please comment on a academic perspective on Change and how to cope with it? Change Management, in recent years, has emerged a well defined field within management to manage change across the organization. The concepts are fairly general in the sense that they apply to organizations as well as the


1) What is your assessment of Rob Parson's performance? Should he be promoted? 2) Using the date in the case, please complete the Evaluation and Development Summary presented in Exhibit 3 of the Rob Parson (A) case. 3) If your were Paul Nasr, how would you plan to conduct the performance appraisal conversation? What woul

Critical Thinking Simulation

Do you have any suggestions for completing the following? Prepare a paper discussing a "real world example of critical thinking." This could cover any topic (environment, business, politics, etc)

Modeling & Decision Analysis A completed simulation decision-model spreadsheet. Using Crystal Ball, simulate Bijoux LeMonde's potential profit and loss, addressing the uncertain demand from Channel 24K. Run the simulation twice, using 500 and 10,000 iterations, and submit both sets of results.

A completed simulation decision-model spreadsheet. Using Crystal Ball, simulate Bijoux LeMonde's potential profit and loss, addressing the uncertain demand from Channel 24K. Run the simulation twice, using 500 and 10,000 iterations, and submit both sets of results. A 250- to 750-word memo to Claude LeMonde. This memo should in

Decision Tree Analysis

Tom is suing the manufacturer of his car for $3.5 million because of a defect that he believes caused him to have an accident. If Tom decides not to sue the manufacturer, the manufacturer would offer him a settlement of $600,000. If Tom decides to proceed with the lawsuit, his attorney has advised him that he has 50% chance of w

Decision Analysis - Payoff Table

Ken Golden has just purchased a franchise from Paper Warehouse to open a party goods store. Paper Warehouse offers three sizes of stores: Standard - 4000 sq ft; Super - 6500 sq ft; and Mega - 8500 sq ft. Ken estimates that the present worth profitability of this store will be based on the size of the store he selects to build

Managing Resistance to Change

I am having a problem linking the approaches for managing resistance with the two types of managing organizational change. Scenario: You're the nursing supervisor at a community hospital employing both emergency room and floor nurses. Each of these teams of nurses tends to work almost exclusively with others doing the sam

Job Analysis

You have an intern working with you. You feel that this person would benefit from doing a job analysis for you. Put together an outline and form for your intern to follow. Include several different methods to collect the necessary information. An example of job analysis is attached.

Central Intelligence Agency

What are the powers of this administrative agency, and whom does this agency report to if any? Also, where do the legislative and the judicial branches of government come into play with investigation and enforcement of this agency?

Global Business & Politics

Is anyone familiar with the book "GLOBALIZATION AND ITS DISCONTENTS" by Joseph Stiglitz. I have an assignment where the aim is write a short commentary on some aspect of the Stiglitz critique. Does anyone have any experience with this? What I'm looking for is narrowing this down to one aspect of Stiglitz critique and key poin

Evaluation Matrix

Rationale and justification for each criteria: 1) Proposed Technology is to provide a significant competitive/ strategic advantage over other players in the industry 2) Proposed Technology will significantly improve operating efficiency/ operating margins of the business 3) Technology investment will address identified

Performance and Position

How can I explained if I saw this collected data, what does it tells me about the performance and position of Lorette and Alvin's company. See attached file for full problem description. CURRENT RATIO Current Ratio = ACID-TEST RATIO Acid-Test Ratio = RECEIVABLES TURNOVER Receivable Turnover = INVENTORY TURNOVER Invent

Dealing With Difficult People on the Phone at MedMobile

Background MedMobile is a medical supply business located in Los Angeles, California, employing 62 full-time and 11 part-time workers. The company specializes in equipment designed to improve patient mobility (walkers, motorized carts, wheelchairs, mechanized beds and chairs). Average yearly sales are in the area of $1.5 mill

Sample format of Application for Employment Form

Template for Application for Employment. This form is completed by candidates before interview. Contents of the form includes personal particulars, present and past jobs, educational background, hobbies and interests, references etc.

Interview Assessment Form

Sample format of an Interview Assessment Form. This form is used during interviews and assists hiring managers to assess candidates on the elements which are important to the organisation.

Performance-Based Management

What is the total concept of "Performance-Based Management"? Furthermore, what are the particulars that make the concept a viable course of action for any organization, like the Department of Defense (military programs)?

Calculating AFN and Forecasting

Calculate the AFN for 2002 (see question #1) and the subsequent years 2003 and 2004. Need help getting started as far as forecasting goes as well. See attached file for full problem description. ------------------------------------------- Ceramic Structures Engineering, Inc. Ceramics - to many people the word conjur