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    Project Management Failures: Building a Navy Ship

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    I must identify 50 project management failures as a practice exercise.
    I have included the exercise. I need some help with this.

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    1. It was far from finished. In fact, the ship floats there still, work continuing day and night.
    2. Over budget
    3. Behind schedule
    4. 95 projects? Warships, helicopters and satellites? Were delayed 21 months on average
    5. Cost 26 percent more than initially projected, a bill of $295 billion
    6. Thinking these war ships could be built to commercial specs was a dumb move.
    7. Ever-changing pentagon design requirements;
    8. Unrealistic cost estimates
    9. Production schedules abetted by companies eager to win contracts
    10. A fondness for commercial technologies
    11. Policy of letting contractors take the lead in managing weapons programs
    12. Acute shortage of government engineers trained
    13. Hobbled from the outset by the navy's zeal to build the ships as fast and inexpensively as possible
    14. Driven by competitive pressures? To stay on schedule,
    15. Ferry designs proved impractical and ...

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    This solution identifies 50 project management failures for the article, "Costly Lesson On How To Now Build a Navy Ship".