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    Pressler and the GAP, Rights and Wrongs

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    What strategic choices did CEO Pressler make during his tenure?

    Do you rate his strategic choices being effective?

    Were his cost-cutting strategies effective?

    What are some of his major accomplishments and failures?

    Please write a 1 page report.

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    Pressler used market analysis as the way to observe and change the company. He hired new employees, the CFO in particular who brought down debt. He changed corporate culture and made a big deal out of the changes to slogans and the culture of the corporation. But changes and paying down debt increased time wasting measures such as meetings and emphasis on the changes, not change. Pressler changed the supply chain ...

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    A brief outline of the problems and moves made by GAP under the tenure of Pressler. Included are hirings, supply chain, and other moves made.