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MGT 695 Strategic Management Case12, Monitoring Foreign Suppliers: The Challenge of Detecting Unethical Practices How important is it for companies such as Nike and Wal-Mart that source extensively from foreign suppliers located in countries where wages are low and substandard working conditions are common to have supplier c

What is flexible work team?

What is flexible work team? How would the job descriptions of employees on flexible work teams differ from those in a mass production setting?

The garbage can model and streams of events

What is the garbage can model? Describe the four streams of events in the garbage can model of decision making. Do you think those streams are independent of each other? Why or why not?

General Level of Wages is Higher in the United States

Explain why the general level of wages is higher in the United States and other industrially advanced countries. What is the single most important single factor underlying the long-run increase in average real-wage rates in the United States?


Help is needed!! In the last quarter of 2001, Uthink conducted a survey for Strategy magazine of 1,463 Canadian university students between the ages of 18 and 21 in English-speaking provinces. The survey found that university students have a very deep understanding of marketing, but still respond to efforts that give someth

National Broadcast Television: how can the big 3 slow their loss of market share?

For many years, the big three national broadcast television networks shared 100% of the market and traded market share back and forth periodically. During the last two decades, the emergence of nationally available cable programming and the rise of rival broadcast networks such as Fox, UPN, and WB have increasingly cut into the

Catherine Chancellor Manufacturing, Inc. is presently operating at 50%

3. (special Order) Catherine Chancellor Manufacturing, Inc. is presently operating at 50% of practical capacity producing about 50,000 units annually of a patented electronic component. Chancellor recently received an offer from a company in Yokohama, Japan, to purchase 30,000 components at $6.00 per unit, FOB Chancellor's pla

HP and Pretexting

H-P and Pretexting Patricia Dunn is with Hewlett-Packard no more. It all started with a leak; somebody was giving out important company secrets. And with all the deft Hollywood style gumshoe-esque thinking Ms Dunn hired Private Investigator Ronald DeLia to find out just who it was. The Private Investigators posed as H-P di

Should Professional Athletes or Teacher Get Paid More?

Decide which of the following you favor and argue in favor of your position. A) In favor of paying teachers more money than professional athletes. B) In favor of paying professional athletes more money than teachers.

Bottleneck processes

Identify and discuss the main bottleneck in this process in the attached document. INTRO The purpose of this paper is to design a flowchart for a process. This paper will select a process that I complete every day but would like to spend less time doing. The flowchart will be designed using an appropriate tool. This flowchar


Debate the cons for following: Immigration policy-policy placing a limitation on the number of people allowed to immigrate to the United States from foreign countries.


Please discuss: Do you think that expenditures on human capital should be treated as an asset or an expense? Why or why not? Explain. And what expenses would you include, if any? Is this consistent with the matching principle? If you feel they should be an asset, how would you recommend expensing them, i.e. depreciation/am

Problem about outsource

See attachment for detail. Question The virtual network structure is a structural alternative for some organizations today. Many of today's organizations farm out some of their activities to other companies that can do it more efficiently. A few organizations carry outsourcing to the extreme and create a virtual network stru

Evaluating Performance of Employees and Adequacy of Training

It is really hard to place a dollar value on the performance of employees. Humans aren't like machines where each one will perform exactly the same way. Some will do their job better than others; if you have a generic value over the group as a whole, it will be misleading. As others have said, training values can be accurate

Elements of Change

Of the five elements required for successful change, which element do you think managers are most likely to overlook? Why?

Organizational Structure and Product Output

The manager of R&D for a drug company said that only 5 percent of the company's new products ever achieve market success. He also said the industry average is 10 percent and wondered how his organization might increase its success rate. If you were acting as a consultant, what advice would you give him concerning organization st

Calculating point elasticity and optimal price

Richardson's Stores, Inc. cut prices on Men's Runnng shoes by 2 percent during the first quarter and enjoyed a 4-percent increase in unit sales over the period as compared to a year earlier a.Calculate the point price elasticity of demand for Richardson's Stores, Inc b. Calculate the company's optimal shoe price if margi

Financial management

Please read the attached and help answer these questions. Changes you would make to help a company with less than acceptable profits. How would suggest making the changes you suggest? What would you do to lower variable costs or how would you reduce fixed costs. Are these costs changeable in the short term or are they long


Need help in preparing a 2 page paper research the types of alternative-fuel vehicles that are currently under development.Discuss the environmental and economic advantages and disadvantages of each type and select the one that, in your opinion, provides the best environmental impact at a reasonable cost. Provide evidence to sup

Corporate Risk: Strategies and Contemporary Issues

I have to answer the questions below in 250 words. I have been reading the chapter and don't fully understand these questions. What is a domestic trend or issue in risk management? How might this trend or issue evolve? What potential impact might this trend/issue have on risk management?

Outcome Evaluation/Cost Evaluation Comparisons

1. Describe the following four levels of outcome evaluation. Provide one example of how each evaluation is performed, and one factor that influences the outcome at each level. 1. Reaction Outcomes 2. Learning Outcomes 3. Job Behavior Outcomes 4. Organizational Results 2. Cost-effectiveness evaluation, cost/benefit e