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Business Management

Art Appreciation

You will take on the role of an investigative journalist by using the Internet to seek out different kinds of art works -- art that is not conventionally considered art. Choose two specific; works of art; that will make for a captivating news article. Your search begins by looking for ideas in the Classroom Materials, your instr

Art Appreciation

On the internet, look up and list more than one definition of the word "art." You can use online reference sources such as: Then, search the internet and find one example of each of the following types of art. Submit the URL for each example, a description of the art

Research Methods - Secondary/Quantitative-Qualitative

!) Why should you question the motivation of the sources of secondary research? 2) What are the differences between quantitative and qualitative data? Then what are two or three examples of each? 3) Please provide 2 different sources of secondary data.

Public Relations: Communications Process Analysis

PR Communications Process Analysis. Choose an organization that regularly communicates to its external publics. Examine the effectiveness of its communications process and the impact of effective communications to its external publics. Cite at least three examples of the actual PR tools used by the chosen organization.

Financial Management

1. In developing data for accounts receivable for the pro forma balance sheet, the analyst is most likely to turn to the ______. a. pro forma income statement b. cash budget c. prior balance sheet d. statement of retained earnings 2. A firm has forecasted sales of $3,000 in January, $6,000

MRP Planning

In the following MRP planning schedule for item J, indicate the correct net requirements, planned order receipts, and planned order releases to meet the gross requirements. Lead time is one week. See attached file for full problem description.

Discussing Harassment at Work

Scenario: When Maria Suarez got her new job, she was happy. As an oil rigger, she would make enough money to support herself and her two children. But after a week of working with a primarily male crew, her happiness was gone. Her coworkers were the reason. At first the men made unwelcome comments about her body. Then sexual gra


Estates and Trusts: Define the terms and give examples to demonstrate situations where the creation of a trust might accomplish trustor objectives. Briefly explain taxation concepts of the income generated in a trust. Compare a trust to an estate.

Case 8.1, Road to Hell, Gareth Evans,

Carribean Bauxite Company of Barracania see case details attached 1.What was the purpose this meeting between Renalls and Baker? 2.Was it conducted properly? If not, what should have been done differently. 3.Renalls sent a follow up memo to Baker (see below). Should Caribbean Bauite just hope this situation cools out o

Delphi Method

- Is Delphi method can be synonymous with such notions as 'Expert Systems', 'Expert Judgments? - Is operational effectiveness synonymous with strategy? Why or why not? - State the key issues in the VCS (Video Conferencing Systems) industry. - Fight between the big Cat (Caterpillar) and Japanese Komatsu present as classic test

Position Brief

Prepare position briefs on behalf of plaintiffs and defense in the case assigned you. This does not require a lot of writing I don't believe each brief needs to be more then three hundred words. Please Help, I mainly need direction and a starting off point along with one citation for each. plaintiff and defense section. If p

Business Research

1. What types of questions are surveys useful for and why? 2. What types of questions are surveys not useful for and why? 3. Is it possible to design a survey to get the answers a surveyor wants? How is this done? Please support the response with academic references.

Job Offer: Is it a great opportunity?

A Great Opportunity at Welingen Chemical John Frankl was in a state of shock when he pulled into his driveway after his daily commute. What a difference one day can make! While at lunch with the president of Welingen, he was asked to head up the Taiwan office of Welingen. It was a start-up operation that had been in existe

Management Dilemma and Research Question

Clearly state the "management dilemma" and the research question Clearly describe the research design you would use. State at least 5 measurement questions that you will use, with clear identification and description of the variables you will measure and the level of measurement of each variable. State three possible

PR Strategy

SCENARIO: "You were featured in a Newsweek article about working college students, which garnered much exposure. As a result, you were selected for a reality show where you are given $100, 000 to help your favorite social cause." Directions: Develop a small PR Campaign to help an established non-profit organization using the

Rating Criteria for Business Plans

If the following two criteria are said to be part of a rating system for assessing business plans. - Management and employee approval/ consensus for implementation exists for the proposed technology. - Organization has sufficient financial resources to complete the implementation plan. I would appreciate if you can comm

Supervisor and Bargaining Unit

Supervisors Performing the Work of Members of the Bargaining Unit Background The Antarctic Air-Conditioning Company produces window air-conditioning units at a relatively modern plant in Tennessee. There are several assembly lines along which the air conditioners are built by incorporating sub assemblies produced in other

Pay for Performance and Employment

Please review the below three job scenarios. What Pay-for-Performance Program would you recommend? Forklift Driver Person drives a forklift for a small metals manufacturer. Worker picks up parts that have been boxed and loaded onto pallets and delivers them to warehouse for shipping. Worker then returns and waits for t

Job Interview Questions

It is important that only questions pertinent to the job be asked in an interview. Construct several interview questions using the behavioral interviewing model and post them to the Discussion Board. Discuss the legality and appropriateness of questions. Reword questions as necessary to obtain as much information as possible so

Business Description

You have decided to open your own business and Dr. C will provide the funds to start your business. Accordingly, Dr. C is interested in specifics about your company. 1. What type of business will you open? (product or service, provide the name of your company, etc.) 2. How will you manage diversity in your company? 3. Ho

Hiring Process for an Assembly Worker

Can you help me get started with this project? Formulate a plan, including a flowchart, and the participants' roles for the hiring process for an assembly worker for Hyundai. Include the following: recruiting resources interview questions location references

Hiring Plan

Assume you have been promoted to your "dream job." But, before you leave, you must recruit, select, and train your successor. Develop a plan for how you are going to do this. These should be thorough and very detail-oriented. Where will you advertise? What tests will the candidates need to do? What skills must he/she dem

Academic perspective on Change

- Based on the attached text, please comment on a academic perspective on Change and how to cope with it? Change Management, in recent years, has emerged a well defined field within management to manage change across the organization. The concepts are fairly general in the sense that they apply to organizations as well as the


1) What is your assessment of Rob Parson's performance? Should he be promoted? 2) Using the date in the case, please complete the Evaluation and Development Summary presented in Exhibit 3 of the Rob Parson (A) case. 3) If your were Paul Nasr, how would you plan to conduct the performance appraisal conversation? What woul

Critical Thinking Simulation

Do you have any suggestions for completing the following? Prepare a paper discussing a "real world example of critical thinking." This could cover any topic (environment, business, politics, etc)