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    Group Vs. Team

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    Explain the differences between a group and a team.

    Include an examination of the importance of workplace diversity in an organization, and how it relates to team dynamics in the workplace.

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    The terms "group" and "team" are often used interchangeably because both terms refer to a collection of people who have a common purpose. A group may be composed of people gathered together according to their gender, age, experiences, or any other common factors. It's not difficult to group people according to a specific commonality because these are obvious but the effectiveness of groups still varies. A group is a larger collection while a team is of smaller nature. The strength of a group lies in the ability of the leader to manage them. The interpersonal dynamics in a group may be compatible or intolerant which may hinder a leader to build agreement within each other.

    It is difficult to form a team because the people that comprise a team are chosen based on complementary skills, unlike a group wherein the people are selected according to a certain commonality. An example of this is a team composed of a salesman, accountant, secretary, and manager. All the members perform a specific function and have a purpose that contributes to the attainment of the overall success. The success also depends on their interpersonal relationship with each other. Each member knows his/her purpose and his/her role so there is less conflict when they work together as a team.

    A group's success and achievements are measured according to the results and not by the processes that are used in achieving those results. The leader may use equal parts discussion, or allow argumentation, and peer pressure so that members are led ...

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