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    Statement Of Work Services

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    Purchasing of services often involves creating a statement of work. You need to hire some financial auditors to help with the annual audit. Create a statement of work for these auditors, and discuss why you chose to include that content.

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    A. Objective

    The ABC Company (ABC) will perform a financial audit as required in the State Government Code Section 12345. The ABC is seeking a certified public accountant firm that specializes in financial analysis and also possesses extensive experience related to current best practices in financial auditing.

    Consultant activities include:

    1. Financial audits of the ABC's revenues and expenses for fiscal years ending December 31, 2008 and December 31, 2009, and provide a letter evaluating the adequacy of ABC's internal accounting and administrative controls for each fiscal year.

    2. Provide a weekly update to ABC to advise of the current status of the audit by close of business each Friday to the Chief Financial Officer of ABC.

    3. Provide a draft report to the Chief Executive Officer, Administrative Director and the Audit ...

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