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Balance Sheet/Income Statement - Landscape Services

The balances in the ledger of Landscape Services as of December 31, 2007 before adjustments are as follows:
Cash $ 4,500 Tim Welch, Capital $33,050
Supplies 4,150 Tim Welch, Drawing 2,900
Prepaid Insurance 8,700 Service Revenue 52,500
Equipment 42,000 Salary Expense 26,600
Accumulated Rent Expense 5,000
Depreciation 10,200 Miscellaneous Expense 1,900

Adjustment data are as follows: supplies on hand, December 31, $1,000; insurance expired for December, $900; depreciation on equipment for December, $1,500; salaries accrued, December 31, $1,000.

(a) Prepare a ten-column work sheet for Landscape Services for December, 2007.
(b) On the basis of the work sheet in (a), present the following in good order: (1) income statement, (2) statement of owner's equity (no additional investments were made during the month), and (3) balance sheet.
(c) On the basis of the work sheet in (a), journalize the closing entries as of December 31, 2007.

Please see the attachment for the formatted information.

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