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    Precedence Diagram

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    Create a Precedence Diagram and an arrow diagram based on the following information:

    a. There are 10 total tasks named A-J.
    b. Tasks A, B, and H have durations of 2 days.
    c. Tasks C, E, I, and J have durations of 3 days.
    d. Tasks D, F, and G have durations of 1 day.
    e. Tasks A, B, and D can be conducted in parallel.
    f. Task C must precede task B.
    g. Tasks A and F must precede Task E.
    h. Task E must precede Task G.
    i. Tasks B and D must precede Tasks H and I, respectively.
    j. Tasks G, H, and I may be conducted in parallel.
    k. Tasks G, H, and I precede Task J.

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