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Performance measurements

You own a nonunion company with 100 employees. The majority of the workforce packs books into boxes for shipment to customers throughout the United States.

Because of wide differences in performance, you have decided to try performance appraisal, something never done before. Until now, you have given every worker the same-size increase. Now you want to measure performance and reward the best performers with bigger increases. What appraisal approach would work best? Do you anticipate any complaints, or other comments from employees after you implement your new system? Do managers have a different format or appraisal form?

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The appraisal approach that I believe would work best in this situation is performance based appraisal. This appraisal approach would allow you to see, based on performance, which employees may be under achieving and not satisfying the requirements of their job duties. This under achievement could have been previously masked by the high performance of other employees. These performance based appraisals will further allow the employees to understand what they are excelling in and what areas they are lacking in their performance at the workplace. The appraisal system would allow the employer to be more focused on what ...

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This solution provides an explanation of performance appraisals of employees. The formats and appraisal forms are implemented for a new system.