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    Problem Formulation and Identification

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    1) Compare and contrast the problem identification and formulation styles in 2 organizations.

    2) Discuss the strengths and weaknesses found in each style.

    3) Consider the most favorable aspects of each style discussed to describe a process by which a problem can be identified and described to stakeholders in a manner that is sensitive to their perspectives.

    Thank you!

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    About Kinder Morgan

    Kinder Morgan is one of the biggest energy companies of America, which was founded by a group of Investors directed by Chairman and CEO Richard D. Kinder and former Vice Chairman William V. Morgan in 1997, February (Kinder Morgan: Company History, 2010).

    It operates approximately 180 terminals and more than 37000 miles of pipelines (Kinder Morgan: Corporate Profile, 2010). The subsidiaries comprise by Kinder Morgan are Kinder Morgan Management Kinder Morgan, Inc. and Kinder Morgan Energy Partners. Kinder Morgan is the major transporter of natural gas, refined petroleum, CO2, etc. It is the biggest market of CO2 and supervisor of petroleum coke (Kinder Morgan: Corporate Profile, 2010). Presently approximately 8000 employees are working in the organization.

    About Kellogg Brown and Root (KBR)

    Kellogg Brown and Root is an American Engineering and Construction Company, which is also known as KBR is founded in 1998 in Houston, Texas (About KBR: History, 2010). The company is operating in more than 45 countries in all over the world with approximately 57,000 employees. It is the world's premiere engineering company, which also operates in procurement and construction line (About KBR: Company Profile, 2010).

    In all over the United States, it is the prime non-union construction corporation (KBR plans to acquire BE&K Inc., 2008). By developing and executing numerous ground-breaking keys and complicated project, the company has become successful at the global level (About KBR: Company Profile, 2010).

    Problem Identification and Formulation Style in Kinder Morgan

    Problem identification and formulation style are executed in Kinder Morgan through the support different tools and techniques, which are essential to solve the problems and issues in an efficient way (McKenna, 2000). In Kinder Morgan, more than 8000 experienced, talented and skill employees are working, which help the management in the process of problem identification and formulation (Kinder Morgan: Corporate Profile, 2010).

    In order to develop an effective decision making process sin the organization, Kinder Morgan works with the concept such as honesty, integrity, business ethics, leadership, comprehensiveness, etc. (Luthans, 1998). In Kinder Morgan, the process of problem identification and formulation is worked on the concept of diversity and differentiation. In the ...

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