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    Retaining employees

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    Your friend Julie is a senior accountant with a prestigious firm in the big city, and her husband Jack is an attorney with a practice in the same city. Jack has recently been informed that the firm is opening a new office in another state, and he is going to be transferred there as the managing partner. Julie loves her job, and does not want to leave; however, this is a big opportunity for Jack and she feels that she may have to resign and start all over in another state. She has informed her employer of the decision she is faced with, and has been called to the office today to discuss it.

    The team's task is to answer the following two questions:

    If you were Julie's employer, how could alternative work arrangements benefit you in retaining Julie, a valued employee?
    What might be the drawbacks to such an arrangement?

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    The alternative work arrangement can benefit me as the employer because I still get to keep a valued employee and probably pay less since she would not be ...

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    Can Julie be retained with alternative work arrangements? What are the drawbacks?