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    How can HR manager Steve enforce discipline at the workplace

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    Steve, an HR manager, is in a difficult situation. He has made repeated attempts to get employees to maintain work timings, but he has failed. He sent circulars to department heads, but only some department heads have implemented the policies. Steve even notices that a few department heads flout the rules. When Steve requests the department heads to implement corrective measures, few take him seriously. Analyze how Steve and his team can enforce discipline at the workplace by addressing each of his issues.

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    Eliminating Undesirable Organizational Behaviors

    A few suggestions for Steve:

    Deliver punishment immediately after the undesirable response occurs. The less time that passes between the occurrence of an undesirable behavior and the administration of negative consequence, the more strongly people will make the connection between them. When people make this association, the consequence is likely to serve as a punishment, thereby reducing the probability of the unwanted behavior. Thus, it is better for managers to talk to their subordinates about their undesirable behaviors immediately after committing them. Expressing disapproval after several days or weeks have gone by will be less effective since the passage of time will weaken the association ...

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    How an HR manage Steve can enforce discipline at the workplace is determined.