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    Impact of training

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    Advanced marketing: One difference of opinion with respect to sales concerns the potential impact of training versus selection in developing an effective sales force. Some observers maintain that the best salespeople are "born" that way and are effective due to their personalities and all the interpersonal skills they have developed over a lifetime. Others contend that application of leading-edge sales techniques can make virtually anyone a sales star.

    Take a position: The key to developing an effective sales force is selection versus the key to developing an effective sales force is training.

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    Hello. I provide the following to assist you. First of all, I believe that there is no right or wrong answer to this question. However, I would choose the position that the key to developing an effective sales force is selection. I provide the following for your information:

    You can train an individual to do almost any job, however, how effective does that make someone. Some times an individual can be trained by the best, however, the individual who is trained may lack the motiviation or understanding to complete the task.

    "Using The Profiles Sales Indicator? tool, an organization can:

    ?Objectively assess the sales candidates behaviors that ...

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