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New product case

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The CEO of your company, Mr. Gilbert, has approached you with your next assignment for the new revolutionary product/service you created for the company. He explains to you that to move forward in operations, he needs you to prepare a memo explaining the scalability ideas of the new product/service. He also informs you that the memo must discuss the development process for the new product/service.

Briefly discuss the new product/service you created.
Discuss the various approaches to develop and integrate your product idea into the organization's current operations (intrapreneurship).
Define scalability ideas, and explain how they will affect the new product/service.
Discuss how you will institute scalability ideas into the integration.
Discuss why scalability ideas are important, and provide some ideas for approaching scalability within an organizational setting.
Discuss the development process you might encounter when moving your product idea from conception through final approval within an intrapreneurial environment.

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To: Employees

From: Mr X

Date: 30 April 2010

Subject: Scalability of the new product

The memo discusses the scalability of the new product developed for the customers and also the development process of the new product manufactured by the company ABC.

The new product that has come out of the labs of the company is the washing powder made for cleaning the food based stains. The organization specializes in the manufacturing of the washing powder and detergents. Over the years, there has been quite a demand for a cleansing agent that can help in tackling the stains made by the food products. The research and development department of the organization has come up with a revolutionary product that would help in removing the stains caused by the food products. The product would be named under the company's brand "Removes" and would come in a special pack. The product contains a special chemical that helps in removing the stains caused by the foods. This chemical removes the stains without affecting the color and texture of the cloth (Peter & Donnelly, 2002). This product is safe for hands and contains flowery fragrance due to addition of flower essence. The product would target the housewives and the laundry services. The product would be available in liquid, detergent and powder form. This product would help the company to gain a lead in the laundry detergent market. This market is relatively untouched as no competitor has till now launched such a product that targets particularly the food stains.

// Above, we gave a brief description regarding the new product created by the company. Now we proceed to the main body of the memo wherein we ...

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