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    The Exley Chemical Company Case Analysis

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    Read The Exley Chemical Company Case in Chapter 11 of your text. (SEE ATTACHED) You are to act as an OD consulting team who has landed the Exley Chemical Company as a client. Collaborate on creating a case analysis using the Case Analysis Format as it appears on page 342 of your text. (SEE ATTACHED) You can add additional space to this format if you need room to fully explain or examine different sections of the form. Additionally, make certain that you justify your recommendations to the Exley Chemical management.

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    1. Problems
    A. Macro
    1. There is a lack of coordination in the company.
    2. There is lack of unity of command.
    3. Disappointing sales and profits.
    4. There are conflicts among all major departments.
    5. There is inadequate output of new products.
    6. The company has an inappropriate corporate structure.

    B. Micro
    There is lack of coordination between marketing and the new product development.
    The new product department cannot cope up with the level of product development required.
    There are no intergraded efforts.
    Product development had a conflict with marketing.
    The product manager was not able to coordinate the activities.
    The product manager gets into conflict with the marketing.
    II. Causes
    Group interdependence is the main cause of conflict. The product development group is dependent on the sales people for marketing research, the R&D and the product development are interdependent and so on. So this is a major structural cause of conflict.
    There are goal ...

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