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    Western Utilities & Exley Chemical

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    You must complete the activity in class materials to complete this assignment. Go to multimedia course materials, Unit 4, click on the activity button, and follow the directions in the activity. After completion of the activity answer the following questions:
    1. Review your work and model answer. Are there any differences between the two and what constructs are the most important?
    2. What alternatives are available to Western Utilities Company?
    3. What would you recommend?
    In your own words, post a response to the Discussion Board and comment on other postings. You will be graded on the quality of your postings.

    MGT420 UNIT 4 IP

    Read The Exley Chemical Company Case in Chapter 11 of your text. You and your small group are to act as an OD consulting team who has landed the Exley Chemical Company as a client. Collaborate on creating a case analysis using the Case Analysis Format as it appears on page 342 of your text. You can add additional space to this format if you need room to fully explain or examine different sections of the form. Additionally, make certain that you justify your recommendations to the Exley Chemical management.

    Please add your file.

    Instructor Comments:

    You've been given some good background information on this chemical company, now as a small group you're going to come together and you're going to do the case analysis form in an attempt to provide intervention strategies for intergroup development. It is important that you are justifying your recommendations to Exley Chemical management. So be sure to provide as much information on each one of those form components. Remember that you only submit to the small group assignments area your group project, not to your individual assignment area. Please prepare a team evaluation and for confidentiality purposes, submit only that to your individual assignment area. Please be sure to review the Small Groups Announced posting on the announcement board so that you are fully aware of your participation requirements for this assignment.

    Things to consider:

    1. There are a number of areas to examine, including the hierarchy of the organization.

    2. Another area is examining the power relationship that has been developed because of this fairly new established department

    3. How many departments do you see are in conflict with new products division?

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 516 words with references.

    // While doing a case analysis, we must clearly understand the various theories on which it has been based. In this case, we must be clear in our concepts of organizational development theories. In the first part, we review the model answer with our own answer, like this. //

    Review of the Answers

    The model answer derives its basis from the various organizational development theories. The model answers are well- defined and supported by logics. The solution is more based on an idealistic environment, where people behave in ideal conditions. These answers are based on previous researches. The answers are very theoretical and have a scholarly touch to them. They don't have a practical outlook, as they don't take much view of the real conditions.

    The other answer has more of a practical outlook. It is based more on the experience rather than theories. The answer has its basis on the real life conditions. Although, it also has certain organizational development theories involved in it; yet it shows minimalist impact of it. The response has a mix of both real life, as well as, scholarly theories. The language used is simpler and easy (Golembiewski, 1989).

    // After discussing both the answers; now, we bring out the difference between the two answers. In addition, we would also discuss the important construct in them. //

    There exists a difference between both the answers, although, both have their bases on the organizational development theories. The difference is in the approach to the answers. One is scholarly, while other is real life based. The important construct in these theories are the basic organizational development concepts and the various intervention techniques. These are a much relevant and integral part of both the answer sets.

    // Moving on to the case, now, we look at ...

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    The response addresses the queries posted in 516 words with references.