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Social Psychology

Self care and professional growth techniques are noted.

What are the two strategies that a professional counselor can use to maintain personal and professional wellness? give a brief explanation of each of the strategies you selected and why you selected each. Then, explain how you will incorporate them into a life of a professional counselor. Be specific and provide details.

Gordon Allport's Psychology of the Individual Theory

With regards to Allport - Analyze the strengths and limitations of the theory listed in explaining individuals' behavior - Describe how dispositional theories affect individual personalities. - Explain how dispositional theories influence interpersonal relationships.


Narrate a response to the following: What is being a mental health counselor is different from being a social worker or psychologist,? Can you describe what a normal day looks like in a professional counselor job? What court cases, public policies, and/or state laws direct what professional counselors do? What r

How is a day in the life of mental Health counselor like ?

How is a day in the life of mental Health counselor like ? Tell A story about , "A Day in the Life of a Mental Health Counselor." Embed into your story the significant information from this areas : Theory of counseling, Counseling process, multicultural counseling, consultation and supervision assessment, client issues, acc

Carl Roger's person-centered theory is summarized.

With regards to Carl Rogers person- centered theory please describe the following: -the assumptions -reliability (is the model consistent)? -validity (is the model doing what it claims)? -application (model under consideration, suitable or relevant for application)?

Advocacy in the Counseling Profession

Advocacy Issue: Stop congress from eliminating the Federal School Counseling Program! Give a brief description of this issue and explain how you would advocate for it. Be specific. Describe and explain strategies you would use and how you would use them. Then, using your example, explain why it is important for mental health

Client Supervision - Supervisory Skill

Janet is the clinical director of a local counseling agency. She has been supervising Michael, an internship student from a local university, for 2 months. Michael verbalizes what appears to be a great deal of insecurity regarding his counseling skills and abilities. He starts apologizing for his performance on his taped counsel

Social Initiatives are discussed.

Choose one from two of the current social initiatives. a. Provide the purpose of the initiative. b. Analyze the program's effectiveness. c. List ways in which the programs could be more effective. (Medicare or No Child Left behind)

Accountability and outcomes in the counseling profession are discussed.

1-Analyze the role and significance of treatment outcomes and accountability as they relate to clients, counselors, and third-party payers. Include in your analysis how counselor effectiveness impacts treatment outcomes and accountability. 2-Analyze the role and significance of outcomes, accountability, and needs assessment

Analysis of trauma-related crises

It seems every newspaper, news broadcast, and news story contains some discussion of a crisis situation, natural or man-made disaster, or trauma-causing event. These crises and disasters can occur on an individual scale (such as abuse) or on societal scale (such as a school bombing or a tsunami). Experiences such as these are no

Stereotypes are discussed.

What about having positive contact between groups of people that hold hostile feelings toward one another? Do you think that might open eyes and tear down the negative stereotypes?

Describe the symptoms and identify the medication(s)

Steve is a 21-year-old Caucasian male who presented for treatment, due to what he has termed as some recent disorientation. He indicated that he has had a lot of difficulty focusing on tasks and attending his university classes. He stated that he realizes something is different about him. His friends and family keep asking if he

Psychopharmacology and the Mental Health Counselor

Explain the boundaries of mental health counseling practice regarding recommending and prescribing medication. Be specific and use examples. Explain the role of a professional counselor in educating the client about the medications. be specific and provide examples. Explain to whom professional counselors might refer the cl

A set of vital questions are posed as to what determines effective counseling

The causes of ineffective and effective counseling are explored as they relate to case studies. Questions are framed around ineffective counseling that contributes to the problem. Factors that are involved in effective counseling in a case study are presented. The characteristics of effective and ineffective counseling are descr

Hints to Improve Communications

How can you apply these 3 hints to improve your interpersonal communications? 1. Avoid responding to a women's questions in monosyllables (yep, nope, Uh-huh). Give her more details about what you did and explain why. 2. Don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it. 3. Don't be a space hog. Be more aware of the space y

Dispositional Theory and Allport's Theory

The theories involved are: Allport's Psychology of the Individual Theory Trait and Factor Theory Please explain how dispositional theories influence interpersonal relationships and determine the strengths of both dispositional theories' influence on interpersonal relationships.

Family Therapy Case

After reading the case, I need help developing an intervention plan using different techniques such as Behavioral Couples Therapy (BCT) and Integrative problem-centered couple's therapy, The Relationship Enhancement, genogram and parenting education, etc... While identifying 1.Legal and ethical considerations regarding the

Ethnic and Cultural Awareness

Need topics relating to the below subject: - Ethnic and Cultural Awareness (websites, resources would be helpful)? - Using minority identity developmental models, present information on the common struggles, issues, conflict resolution interventions, and communication styles and preferences for individuals in these groups.

Reflection on The Self

Address the following items: o Define the concept of the self in the social world. o Apply the self to your life, including self-concept, self-esteem, and self-efficacy. o Describe at least two social experiences that affected your personal development. response is 559 words plus two references attached

Social Group and Social Changes

Provide an explanation of why the groups are primary or secondary, It will show how the groups are relate to Weberâ??s five characteristics of an ideal bureaucracy and suggest which (if any) of the characteristics are directly applicable to the named organization. Examine the positive and negative ramifications of operating wi