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Social Psychology

Social Influences on Behavior

Hi! The Human behavior is people drinking alcohol to express their feelings or only smoking marijuana at party's because they can't have fun there without it. Does this help? Examine basic concepts of human interaction from a psychology perspective. In your examination, describe at least two examples of how human behavio

Motivation Theory is investigated.

This job chooses one of the theories from the "Motivation Concepts Table" and describes how this theory would and would not be applicable if applied to two or more workplace situations drawn from personal experience.

Motivational strategies: How does Google motivate their employees

I need some help getting started on this paper. All ideas and suggestions are welcome. Motivational strategies: Identify in your paper which of the following strategies Google uses to motivate employees: a. Employee empowerment b. Selection and training c. Incentives d. Benefits e. Quality pr

Applied Social Psychology

There are lots of specific kinds of social situations that might be considered "commons dilemmas" or "public goods dilemmas" or, more broadly, "social dilemmas." Our readings in our applied social psychology class (particularly the articles by Hardin and by Van Vugt) highlighted some such situations. Can you think of any oth

Individual and society.

Compare and contrast Goffman's Symbolic Interactionism theory with Sigmund Freud's Psychoanalytic theory as related to the interaction of an individual in society.

Why do bad relationships tend to last longer than good relationships?

See attachment. Why do bad relationships tend to last longer than good relationships? In other words, a "bad" relationship may be described as one person seemingly contributes far more to the relationship than the other, often times experiencing disappointment the other mate fails to give equally. A "good" relationship is one

Article Review: Prejudice from Thin Air

I have questions re: this article: ? What is the purpose of the study? ? What is the problem, theory, and/or research context that gave rise to the study. ? What is the research question(s) and major hypotheses. ? What are the methods used: e.g., subjects, measures, & procedures. ? What are the analyses and findings:

Applied Social Psychology - Social Loafing and Personality

I was just thinking about the articles on social loafing and how they may relate to personality. The articles mentioned that individuals with more incentive and motivation are less likely to loaf and more likely to put in maximal effort relative to those with no or less motivation. Perhaps individuals who are more motivated rely

How can social psychology be applied to improve the packaging of products?

Strahan et al. (2002) talks about ways in which social psychological findings can be exploited to improve the labelling on cigarette packages. But surely that's not the only domain in which social psychological findings can be applied to improve the packaging of products that have implications for health. Lots of other product

Ideas about how prejudice might be reduced are explored in an article.

From the websites below, read one case study or article in detail. These case studies and articles highlight different types of prejudice in the workplace. After

1. Detailed analysis of the persuasiveness of an ad (Apple Computer 1984 ad). 2. Discussion of conformity versus obedience. 3. Discussion of the balance between individuality and popularity in an 'individualistic' culture.

Original student's question: 1.There are four factors that impact the persuasiveness of a message: the communicator (who says it), the message (what is said, the channel (how it is said), and the audience (to whom it is said). select an advertisement and evaluate its message for persuasiveness. Please post your response to th

Schemas are exemplified.

This study is illustrated: You are about to be a participant in a magic trick. Visit the following website, and click on the single orange "carrot" under the words "The Original Mysterious Rabbit." The bunny will guess your card every time. First, try to determine how this

It has been said that the end never justifies the means used to achieve it.

It has been said that the end never justifies the means used to achieve it. Discuss examples in history where this principle was violated. What do you think went wrong? Please provide about 3 examples and what went wrong with each. Each of the 3 examples should be summarized in about 4-5 sentences each. Thanks you.

Non Verbal Communication

What is non verbal communication? What are two specific examples of non verbal communication? Give examples of non verbal communication in our daily activities? How do these examples specifically demonstrate the concept of non verbal communication?

Description of Classical conditioning

What is classical conditioning? What are two specific examples of classical conditioning? How do these examples specifically demonstrate the concept of classical conditioning?

Researching Social Psychology

How would you write a paper about social psychology? What is the theory of social psychology and what it meant and how can we use social pyschology in our everday life. What are the steps needed to write a paper on social psychology?

Values, Peer Pressure, Aggression and Attraction

1. Throughout life, value and belief systems some times change. How does interaction with people we respect, our social environments, our work and home lives, our spiritual and religious belief systems and our education impact us? As an adult, how are we aware of the significance of peer pressure on children? What are some o

Ethics in the Workplace

1. Examine ethics in general and ethics in the workplace specifically. 2. Include two "case studies": One situation where the problem was resolved using positive ethical principles and a second ethical dilemma that was not handled well. I need help with these questions and examples. Thank you in advance.

Culture Diversity

The concepts and definitions of "culture," "sub-culture," and "race" are, at a minimum, complex and controversial. Discuss the various definitions and controversies related to them.

This posting helps to prepare a Socialization Survey.

Develop a 10-question survey on how socialization affects us. Develop 10 questions that would help you understand how the individuals completing the survey are affected by socialization. Give the survey to at least five individuals. The questions should demonstrate thought and be designed to gather information on socializatio

Students' Motivation and The Clasroom Teacher are focal topics.

Help with these areas is given: 1. What are intrinsic and extrinsic motivation and motivation to learn? 2. What are the possible motivational effects of success and failure, and how do these effects relate to beliefs and about ability? 3. What are the roles of goals, interest, emotions, and beliefs about the self in