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How to improve communication in interpersonal relationships.

How can you apply these 3 hints to improve your interpersonal communications?

1. Avoid responding to a women's questions in monosyllables (yep, nope, Uh-huh). Give her more details about what you did and explain why.

2. Don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it.

3. Don't be a space hog. Be more aware of the space you take up when you sit with others (especially women). Watch that you don't make women feel crowded out.

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According to Goldman (2011) the most important thing to individuals is to have people meet our needs. In doing this an individual's attitude, opinion and viewpoint can be altered or changed. When two individuals in a relationship fulfill each other's needs a strong interpersonal relationship is built.
A man has a tendency, when communicating with a woman, to give short one word answers. A good way to improve this and to ...

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