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Social Psychology

Is something sexual harassment?

In this example do see this as sexual harassment or not and could you describe why you think the way you do? I myself do not see this as sexual harassment. However, letâ??s switch the gender of the people involved, would you describe whether or not this changes your view on whether or not it is an example of sexual harassment?

Workplace Drug Screening

Workplace Drug Screening Can you help me with approximately 600-800 words describing the legal and ethical issues of workplace drug testing. Specifically looking for information on: 1) Types of drug tests (urinalysis, sweat tests, hair, blood, etc.) 2) Reliability of drug testing methods (most to least reliab

Organization develop commercial

You have been hired by an advertising firm that is developing a series of commercials for family-oriented products geared toward the entire family. 1. They want to develop a series of commercials that will target family members at various life stages. 2. describe Erikson's theory of Psychosocial development. In your descri

Job Analysis and Design

Create a job description for the position of Human Resources Manager in your organization based on the concepts and ideas that you have learned in the reading for this lesson. Write a memo to the Operating Manager which critically evaluates the job description you wrote to include in a separate section. 1. What is the ration

Research Plan, Qualitative Study & Original Sources

Please help with some ideas so that I can complete this assignment: Submit a research plan that incorporates the finalized version of one of the problem statements and incorporates appropriate research questions/hypotheses and purpose statement. Include the study's independent and dependent variables, population, geographical

What motivates people?

We are genetically programmed to be motivated to seek food, love and sex, and numerous environmental influences can alter these genetically-based motivations. The question I am having trouble answering is: How genetically-based motivations can be impacted by environmental influences? I have chosen one motivation to writ

Various characteristics of diverse group

Select one culturally diverse group a) explain the various characteristics of the selected group to include Cultural values and beliefs and Socio-political factors unique to this group b) What are the primary cultural characteristics of this selected group?

Influences of Social Biology on Psychology

Define the main biological influences of psychology. Describe cognitive and psycho-social components of human development. Distinguish differing schools of psychology. Describe major perspectives of psychological science. Apply critical thinking skills to the content of the course. Explain normal and pathological behavio

Stanford Prison Experiment

In the Stanford Prison Experiment could you tell me how an elaborate psychological experiment was conducted and why and its ethical limits?

Aggressive Behavior

Assignment: Aggressive Behavior 1. Gather 4 previous studies (Research papers) on Aggressive Behavior. 2. Read the Abstract of each one. 3. Write your Abstract <half page>. 4. Your abstract shouldn't be copy & past of any previous study!

Discussion of Aggression

Aggression is verbal or physical behavior intended to cause harm. It is difficult to think that we participate in aggressive behavior, and yet we all do at some level and at some point in our lives. Question: We know that no one theory is ever completely accurate in describing a behavior - especially one as complex as aggr

Bbystander affect

What factors may affect a bystander from acting effectively in the presence of others and why is this the case for each factor?

Different Cultures

1. What do you feel is the most difficult part of dealing with people from other cultures? 2. What are the most significant benefits of interacting with people of different cultures? Minimum of 250-300 words.

Social learning theory

I have the followin thesis: The role of reality TV endorsees a distorted view of relationships. I know this is an example of " Social learning theory" I need to find a list of several key suporting evidence books of this theory of course keeping in mind the thesis above. It can be books, studies, etc. Include the names

Amish vs. American People

1.) Please explain how Amish and American people meet the criteria for traditional vs non-traditional culture. (150 words) 2.) Please compare and contrast the Amish culture from the American people. (200 words) Thanks for your help.

Could you tell me if the correlation is positive or negative as well as finding giving a plausible explanation on why studies shown that the longer people are married, the more similar their political and social views become?

Could you tell me if the correlation is positive or negative as well as finding giving a plausible explanation on why studies shown that the longer people are married, the more similar their political and social views become? Two, have shown that the longer children had lived in an orphanage, the lower their IQ scores are. Thr

Social Psychology

Do you think social psychology discerns the obvious and confirms the commonplace?

Social Psychology Definitions and Research

Address the following items: - Define social psychology. - Discuss how social psychology differs from other disciplines, such as clinical psychology, general psychology, and sociology. - Explain the role of research in social psychology. - Incorporate at least two references.

Adler - Social Interest Inherent

Do you agree or disagree with Adler's belief that social interest is inherent in people and the ultimate standard of psychological health? Why? I need at least three peer reviewed references.

Sex and gender, gender identity

Distinguish between the terms sex and gender. Why is it significant to understand the difference? Explain how gender identity is formed and influenced. How does society affect gender identity? References please.