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Social Psychology

Boundary case study is emphasized.

A Question of Boundaries Teresa, a professional counselor moved to a small town in Iowa with her 13 years old son. She discovered that except for a psychiatrist, the closest other mental health professional practices approximately 1½ hours away. Initially, she felt isolated and found it emotionally and financially difficult

Investigate a case study.

Case study# 1 A Marriage and Family Counselor Learns a secret Diana, a private practitioner, began working with Mrs. Cole, who was referred for counseling by her family doctor. Her doctor had not been able to find any physiological basis for her complaint that on several occasions she had felt as though she were choking and

Compare and contrast multicultural communication styles.

iv) Compare and contrast multicultural communication styles. v) You must include the following: (1) A discussion of verbal and non-verbal communication style differences across ethnic groups. (2) A discussion contrasting and comparing communications styles that may be encountered when working with culturally diverse clients

Dual Relationships and Boundaries discussed including three examples and APA scholarly references Give a brief description of three boundary issues that would be the most challenging for a mental health counselor to "honor" and explain why, including potential harm and benefits. Be sure to cite the relevant ethical codes. Then, evaluate how a counselor would address these same issues in a supervisory relationship.

It may not be possible or reasonable for counselors to always avoid dual relationships with clients. For example, counselors who live and work in small, rural communities may attend the same religious institutions as their clients, or use the same libraries, doctors, or other services. In these multiple relationship situations,

Ethical Challenges to Record Keeping and Mandated Reporting

Give an analysis of two ethical challenges related to record keeping and/or reporting when the legal system is involved. Specifically, one of these challenges must relate to adherence to either HIPAA or FERPA; note which statute and provide details. Then, explain how you would address each of these challenges. Be specific and re

Record keeping

Provide a brief analysis explaining the critical nature, in general, of counseling record keeping (i.e., what are the purposes of keeping comprehensive client records?). Explain the possible ethical and legal implications of not keeping appropriate counseling records. Provide an analysis of the ethical conflicts that could ari

The Actor-Observer Hypothesis

Please elaborate on this topic: What is the actor-observer hypothesis? How does this phenomenon manifest in the individual and society?


Confidentiality and HIV/AIDS: The case of Norma Norma is a 21 years old college student who immigrated to the United States with her parents from El Salvador when she was 2 years old. She is bicultural in the sense proudly identifies herself as a Latina while at the same time having learned the instrumental behaviors that al

Solomon Asch study is summarized.

Discuss the role social cognition played in Solomon Asch's study? How has his study impacted social psychology? How would an I/O psychologist use this study in their work?


Confidentiality and HIV/AIDS: The case of Norma Norma is a 21 years old college student who immigrated to the United States with her parents from El Salvador when she was 2 years old. She is bicultural in the sense proudly identifies herself as a Latina while at the same time having learned the instrumental behaviors that all

Tarasoff Case: Exploring, Understanding, and Implications

A number of states have adopted "duty to warn" or "duty to protect" laws following the landmark court case Tarasoff v. Regents of University of California (1976). In addition, there are other mandated exceptions to maintaining client confidentiality such as reporting child or elder abuse, or the reckless transmission of HIV or o

Follow up research to Solomon Asch's study

Create a proposal for follow up to Solomon Asch's line study (attached). An idea for a research question An idea around the research methodology A description of the theoretical framework which supports the hypothesis An outline of the objectives the follow-up study may attempt to achieve

Consenting Adults or an Abuse of Power?

Consenting Adults or an Abuse of Power? Maria is a graduate student who is pursuing her master's degree in counseling. She hopes to enter a Doctorate program after she graduates. Last semester, she was enrolled in a course taught by Professor Perry. Throughout the semester Dr. Perry went out of his way to encourage her and pr

Ethical Decision-making Models

The ACA Code of Ethics dictates to counselors that because "... there is no specific ethical decision-making model that is most effective, counselors are expected to be familiar with a credible model of decision making that can bear public scrutiny and its application" (ACA, 2005, p. 3). The ACA recognizes that adherence to a


"Most writers don't initially say what they want to say, or say it as well as they could. The newly hatched sentence almost always has something wrong with it. It's not clear. It's not logical. It's verbose. It can be read in several ways. It doesn't lead out of the previous sentence. It doesn't... The point is that clear writin

Solomon Asch research

Question: Assume that you are employed by a major social psychology or social policy research laboratory in the United States. Your lab is interested in studying prejudice and discrimination in the marketing industry. Each researcher at the lab has been tasked with brainstorming research ideas. Briefly outline your ideas for res


Paraphrase the following sentence: "Some students will change a few words here and there, either better to match their own vocabulary or to disguise the fact that they are copying from a source" (Harris, 2001, p. 17). Do not add anything, interpret, use more than two of the same words, and it has to convey exactly what i

Anaylze Solomon Asch experiment

Discuss the Solomon Asch experiment: Anaylze the study's significance in terms of understanding group formation, group dynamics, and intergroup relations and evaluate the influence of major theoretical perspectives of social psychology on your interpretation of the study's significance.

Intent of Plagiarism and Avoiding Plagiarism

What are situations that may result in plagiarism, either intentionally or unintentionally? What strategies exist to help students avoid plagiarism? Which strategies will be most helpful in coursework?

What is the difference between common sense and science?

What is the difference between common sense and science, the connections between common sense and people's beliefs, and how these differences and connections relate to critical thinking and to being a scholar-practitioner in mental health counseling? Include your definition of belief perseverance and explain how it interferes wi

Peer-reviewed scholarly journals are emphasized.

Explain the importance to a scholar-practitioner, of peer-review of scholarly journals. Explain how you know that an article is , in fact, from peer-reviewed journals. Explain the importance of peer-reviewed articles to a scholar-practitioner in the area of mental health counseling.

Strategies for online success

Briefly describe at least one strategy for each of the following key areas related to online success: planning, time management, effective communication, and effective use of technology. Explain how/why you think each will contribute to succeed in online learning.