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Social Psychology

Overview of family system

Give a brief description of the system dynamics of a fictional family or couple from a book, television show, movie, or other media source. Be sure to identify and describe specific examples of the following dynamics in the source you choose: permeable, diffused, and/or rigid boundaries; one subsystem; one supra system; one fami

micro skills

give a brief description of one of these micro-skill ( reframing or reflecting). Then, explain how the appropriate use of the micro-skill might help build a therapeutic alliance in a counseling session. Be specific, and provide examples to illustrate your explanation.

Case Study: Lowndes Family Ethics Dilemma

Case Study Jan has received her couples and family counseling license and has opened a private practice. The Lowndes family (husband, Tom; wife, Lisa; children, Steven [12] and Daniel [10]) entered counseling with Jan because of continuous discord in the family. Tom and Lisa have been married for 15 years. Tom is in upper

Techniques of counseling

1.Give an explanation of one way in which a counselor would begin an individual counseling session after completing an intake form with the client. Then, briefly describe a least two micro-skills (Paraphrasing, Active listening) that a counselor would use in the session, and explain why. Finally, explain how these micro-skills

Concepts of Consensus, Constancy, and Attribution Error

Can you show me an example of a situation where the cause of a person's behavior was uncertain and how I might used the concepts of consensus, constancy, and distinctiveness to determine whether the behavior in the situation was internally or externally cause. How would I describe the fundamental attribution error (correspondenc

early childhood /peer/adjustment

Each day on the school bus and during recess, Jodeeââ?¬"a quiet, sensitive fifth graderââ?¬"was pushed, pelted with gravel, and showered with insults by her classmates. Following the advice of her well-meaning parents, she tried to ignore her tormentors. What factors made Jodee susceptible to peer victimization? How can it

Social Problem Dependent Variables

Can you briefly describe a social problem, and the basic study that pertains to the problem, and what the conclusions of the study is? Can you propose a new study that would apply the findings from the basic study to that social problem? Can you also Identify the independent and dependent variables of the proposed study and des

Early Sexual Maturation

The age of entering into puberty has declined from 15-16 over the last century to age 11-12. At the same time, it has been observed that there has been little change in psychological and intellectual development. What are two implications that this earlier sexual maturation has for society?

Attraction and Close Relationships

What is attraction? What factors affect attraction? Which one of these factors do you think has the greatest influence on attraction? 300 words What is the definition of close relationships? What is the role of interdependence in close relationships? 300 words references please

diversity issues and challenges

a brief summary of this article as well as its APA reference. Include your thoughts about the challenges of working with clients of a particular identity (cultural, gender-related, sexual, religious, etc.) in couples and family counseling. Be sure to refer to this article and include specific examples based on hypothetical situ

Diversity in Counseling

Briefly describe the impact you think diversity has on couples and families, as well as the impact it has on therapists offering counseling to couples and families today. Describe one or two issues related to diversity that may have an impact on a couples or family counseling session and that a therapist might take into acco

Value Conflicts Between Counselors and Patients

Give an explanation of how the professional counselor values might influence their work with clients who have values different from their own. Then, explain how they could use silence or self-disclosure to maintain a therapeutic alliance with a client who holds values different from their own. Be specific, and use examples to il

Doing research on Homophobia

Describe Homophobia and the research methods a social psychologist might use to approach Homophobia . In the description about Homophobia, include the variables that might be of interest, and an explanation of how examining Homophobia and using a social psychological approach would differ from other ways of approaching the topi

Counseling Techniques and Feedback

Explain your thoughts, ideas, and/or reactions related to student feelings regarding the opportunity to demonstrate counseling techniques and skills for the i Instructor. Then, consider the similarities between a student counselor's feelings and the way a new client may feel about receiving feedback in a counseling session. Plea

Counseling Techniques

Explain your thoughts, ideas, and/or reactions related to your feelings regarding the opportunity to demonstrate counseling techniques and skills to an instructor. Then, consider the similarities between your own feelings and the way a new client may feel about receiving feedback in a counseling session.

Conflict Resolution and Peacemaking

Locate an article that concerns conflict resolution and peacemaking. Read the article and write a short summary of its main points. Select and apply at least one of the elements of conflict resolution and peacemaking from the text (I found bargaining, mediation, arbitration, and GRIT) to the article you selected. Be sure to incl

Persuasiveness of a message

There are four factors that impact the persuasiveness of a message: the communicator (who says it), the message (what is said), the channel (how it is said), and the audience (to whom it is said). Using this knowledge, select an advertisement or editorial from a media source and evaluate its message for persuasiveness. How can p

Impression Management and Spin Doctoring

1. Which paths(s) to persuasion is/are present in the global warming case? 2. How does the tobacco industry example fit into our understanding of impression management? 3. Is spin doctoring the same as propaganda or is it fundamentally different?

Becoming a Scholar-Practitioner

1.What is your thinking about how the development of a personal theory of counseling and psychotherapy can contribute to one being an effective scholar-practitioner who effects social change. 2.Can you think of a website that would be useful for the mental Health Counselor Training? includes the Web site name, its address,

Margaret Mead's said, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world." This statement can be agreed with or not. This solution offers some guidance that agrees with this statement.

Margaret Mead once said, 'Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world.' Mead's statement was based on her comparison of cultural differences in adolescents in Western society and in Samoa. She observed this same group as adults, when they were leaders in their community. Mead's work and t

Factors Affecting Personal Theory Development

A brief summary of how ones values, background, and experiences can affect the choice and development of a personal counseling or psychotherapy theory. Please include an introduction and a summary conclusion.

Altruism Overview

What does it mean for someone to behave altruistically? What do they gain from this action, and how does it differ from egoistic behavior? What are some reasons why people would want to help one another without regard for personal gain or benefit?

Allocentric and Idiocentric Cultural Influences

What is an allocentric and idiocentric? Which one of these describe you and the circumstances you display either of these tendencies and why. What the specific thoughts and behaviors that you would characterize as allocentric or idiocentric. Describe how someone who is at the opposite end of the individualist-collectivist

Personal Theory of Counseling

-What is your basic view of human nature? -What key factors account for changes in behavior? -Describe the nature of the therapist-client relationship and its relative importance. -Describe the key functions and role of the therapist. -Describe the key goals of therapy. -Note particular techniques and procedures of your ap

Theory of Counseling or Psychotherapy

Summarize your personal theory of counseling or psychotherapy.Structure the assignment to the following key questions or areas: What is your basic view of human nature? What key factors account for changes in behavior? Describe the nature of the therapist-client relationship and its relative importance. Descr

Conformity and Obedience

Description of a situation in which either conformity or obedience can be increased or decreased in order to promote positive social change. Give at least three specific ways of addressing conformity or obedience in the situation and describe the intended results. What are the motivations to obey or conform, and how do thos