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Social Psychology

Research biases avoidance: ways to ensure

How do you guard against areas in which you might be vulnerable to judging others? How do you protect your clients, patients, research subjects, or students from being too heavily influenced by your values?

Generalizability of research findings

What does the term "generalizability" mean? How the generalizability of a study can be affected by the sampling method used? What are two research studies that do not seem to have good external validity because of the samples they used. How do they possibly limit generalizability?

Cultures and its influences on human behavior

Include a definition of culture, and help me with two ways culture influences human psychology along with a specific example of human behavior (e.g., aggression, gender-specific behaviors, or mental health) and explain one way this behavior may be exhibited differently among the three different cultures.

Benefits/Oppression of Culturally Diverse Populations

Explain how the history and theories of counseling and psychology have both benefited and oppressed culturally diverse populations. You may use one particular group or more than one group to illustrate your points. Include the following modern controversial issues (e.g. use of psychotherapy) or discuss the deficit model and

Cultural Competence

Give an explanation of what it means to be culturally competent, as well as your thoughts about the importance of becoming culturally competent as a counselor/therapist. Also, address the level of training you believe is needed to become culturally competent.

Attitude and Behavior

Locate a psychological research journal article that is related to the discussion, and address the discussion topics posed below. Address these items: What are the factors that influence the link between attitudes and behavior? Provide examples that illustrate the factors you choose.

Create a Public Service Announcement.

Please I need help help on this assignment. Activity: Create a Public Service Announcement: For this activity, I want you to create a public service announcement for a magazine. There are two parts to this activity: Part 1--The actual public service announcement You can do this in a word document, on a PowerPoint slide, or

Research in practice

Give an explanation, based on the current research in the article attached as well as the information you know about Marriage and Family Counseling, of how research might inform a counselor practice. Offer your thoughts about future trends or changes in society that you believe may impact the field of couples and family coun

Persuasion: Who, What, To Whom

1. Who - Describe the Characteristics of the Persuader: What influences our ability to become persuaded by someone? What specific characteristics must this person possess? Be sure to address the impact of credibility, physical attractiveness, and likeability in your response. Why do we respond well to those who possess such ch

What is Social Facilitation

What is social facilitation? How has the definition of social facilitation evolved? How do the concepts of personal space and territoriality differ? How is human territoriality different from that of nonhuman species?

How does one's sex impact aggression?

What does the research suggest about gender differences in aggression? How could you apply this information in your current or future professional setting to help reduce aggression?

Aggression research

Using a scholarly article, this solution assesses if viewing violent behavior increases the likelihood of aggressive behavior.

Bystanders' helpfulness

What are some of the factors that determine whether bystanders help in emergencies? How can you increase the likelihood of people being helpful to others in need?

Social Psychology

Using the arguments made in Issue 5, discuss the influence that consonant and dissonant cognitions have on attitudes and behavior. YES - Cognitive Consequences of Forced Compliance Leon Festinger and James M. Carlsmith and Daryl J. Bem NO Self-Perception: An Alternative Interpretation of Cognitive Dissonan

Analyze the concept of social bias

Define the concepts of prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination. Explain the differences between subtle and blatant bias. Describe the impact of bias on the lives of individuals. Evaluate at least two strategies that can be used to overcome social biases.

Social Psychology

How do social psychology principles regarding attraction help explain how friendships are formed and maintained? The discussion can cover both personal friendships as well as collegial friendships in the workplace or professional networks.

Intervention with family case study

Review the Del Sol family case study and Consider the following caveats: Rosa and Miguel have separated. Miguel has moved out but begs Rosa daily to change her mind and let him come home. Rosa has indicated she will attend family counseling before filing for divorce, to see if Miguel can change. â?¢ Consider intervention

Buss' theory on mate selection

David Buss (1989, 2003) has proposed a controversial evolutionary perspective to describe the process of mate selection. Critically analyze this evolutionary perspective. Evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of this theory as it relates to understanding human mate selection.

Termination of Counseling - Doorknob Statements

A ploy that is often used by clients who do not want to deal with an issue or challenge in their life is to reveal something pivotal or shocking in the last five minutes of a counseling session as he or she is getting ready to walk out the door of the office. This happens more often than you may think and can present the counsel

Social Psychology

Research on attribution theory shows that people tend to attribute their own behavior more to the specific situation, while they more often attribute the behavior of others to personality traits. What implications does this fact have for how society functions?

types of aggression in workplace violence

Briefly describe the types of aggression that are prevalent in the workplace violence. Then, briefly describe the theories that might best explain the types of aggression found in workplace setting, applying the theories to specific examples. Include the social, cultural, personal, and situational factors that might contribute t

gender, race, and culture and self esteem

Can you help me critically analyze how gender, race, and culture are related to self-esteem? Also, please help me find a journal article regarding this topic and evaluate the article. Thank you.

How does the media influence kids' aggression?

What are your thoughts about how to reduce the impact of media violence as a potential cause of aggression? Include actions that could be taken at the societal level as well as those that could be taken by individuals. Provide APA references.

Micro Skills 4

explain insights a counselor would gained about confrontation, silence, and "checking-in" as a result of t demonstrating these skills in a counseling session.


Go to the Social Psychology Network located at Spend some time reviewing the information contained in the Web site. Based on what you learned, what do you feel are the biggest issues in the field of social psychology?

Issues affecting couples

Give an analysis of these two issues ( sexual abuse, divorce) and how they affect families. Using these two articles to support your evaluation, compare how each issue could potentially impact the family.

Counseling termination

Give a brief description of the specific steps a counselor will take to terminate the counseling relationship. Then, describe two circumstances in which a counselor would terminate a counseling relationship, and explain why. Be specific. References Article: Martin, G. A., McNair, D., & Hight, W. (1988). Contributing fac