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Social Psychology

Social Psychology - Prejudice

I need assistance on this question. Thanks. Look for three articles that study types of prejudice and synthesize or integrate the information relative to the prejudice. Add a research question of each article answer and explain the prejudice picked, whether it is blatant or subtle, and give the reason why. What two major impa

Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Competence

Give definitions of emotional intelligence and emotional competence. Then compare and contrast these concepts. Finally, select a common attribute/component of both and describe how development affects that attribute/component of emotional development.

Research Policy Paper

Please help me with this question: Provide a brief description of a movement/policy/program, and indicate whether the program is supported by research. Describe changes that you would make to the program to increase effectiveness. I need to put together a paper and research on this topic.

Social Psychology and Behavioral Analysts

What does a behavioral analyst do? What are the career implications of taking a course in social psychology for a student who wishes to pursue a career into the field of a behavioral analyst? What are some of the interesting elements of social psychology that can help a person entering into that career?

Family or Workplace Interpersonal Communication

While observing your own communication patterns, or that of the people around you, can you pinpoint family interactions or a workplace situation, and describe the various aspects of interpersonal communication that occurred. Evaluate the overall interaction in terms of effective or needs improvement. Be sure to include why or

Representativeness Heuristic and Anchoring Heuristic

Briefly explain the representativeness heuristic and anchoring heuristic. Then describe one example from work, home, or a social setting when the heuristic can be useful and helpful, and one example of when it is not helpful, and why. Then explain how to avoid non-helpful heuristic use, and apply it to the example previously pro

Theory of Correspondence Inference

How can correspondent inference theory explain the behavior of President Barack Obama. What is one limitation of the theory in explaining the behavior of President Obama?

Identifying Plagiarism

Clearly, how can I identify plagiarism? What portion of this paper is plagiarized? Can you correct the errors by closing and properly quoting and citing the plagiarized portions and giving proper attribution to the source material. Source material (original): To communicate effectively with other people, one must have a re

Self-Concept Applied to Oprah Winfrey

I will be very grateful if you could give me some help in describing how Oprah Winfrey is showing positive self-esteem or narcissism in the media. Also, compare the similarities and the differences between the theories of self-concept, and how each theory justifies Oprah Winfrey's behavior in the media. Thanks

Problems and Solutions Associated with Aging

Can you explain two problems and/or conditions associated with aging? Then identify and describe strategies that can be used to mitigate the impact of these conditions or improve the problems/conditions you described.

Comparing Theoretical Perspectives on Human Development

Can you compare three theoretical perspectives on human development? Include any similarities and differences between and among these theories. Which explain(s) development best and why, providing evidence. Explain relations to constructive developmental theory.

Social Psychology Trends

What are some trends in the field of social psychology? Which trend will have the greatest influence on the field of social psychology? Why? Please cite at least one source.

Core social motives and explain one individual's behavior in a particular event

Could you please give a brief description of a current event (you select) that involves several people, choose one individual involved in the current event, and describe two potential core social motives that might explain the individual's behavior in the event and why. Also, please explain one way you might use core social mo

Jennifer Thompson and Ronald Cotton

Why did Jennifer and Ronald end up becoming friends? What specific choices made by each person led to their friendship? Provide at least three examples for each person and support the examples with explanations from social psychology research. Consider the following: impact of empathy, gain-loss theory of attraction, self-justi

Social Psychology and Core Social Motives

Provide a brief description of the current event you selected and one individual involved in the current event. Then describe two potential core social motives that might explain the individual's behavior in the event and why. Finally, explain one way you might use core social motives to predict individual behavior within your c

Identify Social Categories and Group Identifications

Word count should be approximately 300 words (no less than 250). Please cite using the APA 6th edition guidelines. PLEASE ANNWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTION: Think about a group or social category to which you belong and with which you identify. What does this group mean to you? What are some examples that demonstrate your

Bebefits from studying Lifespan Development

What can be expected in studying lifespan development and explain how study in lifespan development can contribute to your being a scholar-practitioner who effects social change.

Nature vs.nurture

In a group discussion someone argues "that human personality is a product of nature, you're born with a certain personality type, it stays the same throughout your life, and there is little that nurture or environment can do to change that" How can you respond to this argument? Either supporting or opposing the argument pro

Challenges due to Cultural Differences

What are two current challenges that may arise from cultural differences in today's world. Explain two ways an individual might address those challenges in his/her professional life.

Multicultural Counseling

1) Name one of the trends or issues that could impact Multicultural Counseling and explain how that trend could impact the Counselor's work with culturally diverse populations. 2) How does becoming a culturally competent counselor relate to being an effective scholar-practitioner committed to effecting positive social change?

Mrs Yang Case Study

Create a profile of Mrs Yang using the ADDRESSING format attached, and develop a narrative of this individual's worldview. You then will compare this narrative to the information you know about Filipino Americans, noting in what ways this individual cultural worldview is similar to and/or different from what you know about