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Gender Role Development

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Can you please give me an explanation of the role of biological and environmental factors, focusing particularly on sociocultural factors, that influence gender role development?

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Pinel (2006) asserts that, in determining gender roles based on biological factors, the fact that men and women are more similar than dissimilar is ignored. For example, according to Pinel, the "men-are-men-women-are-women assumption" (Mamawawa theory) focuses on maleness and femaleness as discrete, mutually exclusive, complementary categories" (p. 318). However, he argues that the Mamawawa theory is debunked due to scientific evidence that indicates all persons are genetically determined to develop female bodies. For instance, according to Pinel (2006), the reason that males become males is because female bodies are overruled by reproductive hormones [e.g., antigens] (p.2). As it relates to gender role development, research suggests that even before a child is born, processes of gender socialization takes place (Zosuls, Miller, Ruble, Martin, & Fabes (2011). According to Zosuls et al., developmental scientists studying gendered behavior are focused on how and why behavior emerges and changes over time.

Gender role development are the ...

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This soltion explores biological and environmental influences in gender role development in 487 words with five APA references and in-text citations.

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