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Social Psychology

Social Psychology Perspective: How the Grinch Stole Christmas

In "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," consider the change in the Grinch's attitudes at the end of this story from a Social Psychology perspective: - How were the Grinch's attitudes formed in the first place? - How did the Who's manage to change his attitudes? What social psychology process played a role in his attit

Multiple Selves

Some researchers argue that a human's sense of self is not a single or one-dimensional construct but rather that people maintain possible or multiple selves. Possible selves are mental images that people have of themselves based on past experiences, future expectations, and current functioning. According to some, these possible

Sense of Self

Social psychologists contend that a human can organize his or her understanding of the self in multiple ways, including formation of the self-concept and the use of self-schemas, self-esteem, and self-efficacy. Such self distinctions are supported through research depicting three main self functions, including reflexive consciou

Research from Social Psychologists

There are times when the results of research from social psychologists differ from the widely held beliefs of people and from what some would call common sense. When the results of research and widely held beliefs and/or common sense are in conflict, social psychologists suggest that the results of their research should sway pub

Social Psychology Research

Social psychology research is based on developing answers to questions. What are some the processes social psychologists use to answer questions? Should the results of research be considered as the cause and proof of behavior? [250 word count. Provide in text citations and sources. Citations and sources should not be part of wor

Dual Modes of Social Cognitive Processing

Understanding the dual modes of social cognitive processing requires a thorough understanding of the current literature. Many fields outside of social psychology also apply research methods designed to study dual modes of social cognitive processing, such as when marketing research examines the impact of subliminal message primi

Social Cognitive Processing

Human beings process information on a regular basis both automatically (unconscious processing) and in a controlled (conscious processing) or goal-directed manner. These dual modes of social cognitive processing influence your perception of others and social behavior. The research within the field of social psychology reveals th

History of Social Psychology

I have a question regarding the history of social psychology. I have reviewed the history by date, but I am unsure of how to answer this question and need help getting started. Question: Select three key points in the evolution of social psychology that are paramount to the field. Include one element of Lewins' influence on sit

Important skills for a doctoral pursuit

What do you believe is the most important skill for your success during your doctoral pursuit? Why? At least 300 words. (Research is not required to support your conclusions but appreciated.)

Anti-Social Behavior

Do you believe anti-social behavior in children is psychologically based or psychologically illustrated? Response to be at least 300 words with in text citations and reference given. Reference should be excluded from word count] This is a self made questions and not home work school assignment.

Television and case study types of programming

Many people have noted that television is very fond of case study types of programming. In most of these cases, the plot lines are scripted, but at the very least, shows like Survivor on CBS were popular because they intended to show people in a different habitat. Any thoughts on this type of programming? About 100 words would b

Future Trends and Directions of Counselor Assessments

Give a brief description of the trend or direction on the way counselors administer, score, and interpret assessments. Explain the considerations and challenges for the use of assessment in that area. Be specific, and provide examples to justify your response. Also, find a journal article on the future trend or direction on the

About Juvenile Counseling

Briefly describe a mental health counselor job and explain why you think it could be a good choice for a woman. Explain any insights you have regarding areas of personal/professional development.

Achievement Assessments

Briefly describe an achievement assessment (you can select any). Explain how the test reviews of the achievement assessment compare to the standards for assessments (operational definition of terms, norming methods, reliability, validity, measures of error, and generalizability). Provide an APA citation of the article you select

Diversity and Diverse populations

Can you help me with: - Definition of Diversity and diverse populations - Correlation of social psychology and diversity how do they come together - Examples of real world diversity

Cognitive Mapping

What do the studies on cognitive maps involving rats, bees, and pigeons teach us about human cognition? Give some examples of how we use cognitive maps in a similar way as the creatures in the experiments do.

Arousal and Behavior

What is the relationship between arousal and behavior? Does this relationship impact performance and affect?

How Google Develops Employee Satisfaction and Motivation to Drive Performance

Question: How do Google's corporate values and goals concerning employees, customers, and the business combine to create job satisfaction and motivate the people who work there? Is this a model every business should adopt? Key aspects: - Define the problem: What are google's key goals and values? - Analyze the cause: To

Evaluation of Argument

Issue Analysis 17, "Does True Altruism Exist?" located in Taking Sides.3 ed I need help summarizeing both arguments discussed in Issue 17 and Evaluate each argument based on the article and some life experiences. Determine with which concept you agree with and provide the rationale for your determination In reading the a

Creating research questions, orientation and design

The assignment: At-Risk Children Create a document that has three clearly defined sections (listed below), and that totals no more than 3 pages in length. - Research Question(s). State the research question(s) you are proposing to study. - Qualitative Research Orientation. Clearly state why a qualitative method would

Influences of Conformity and Obedience on Self

Please help me with the following questions: 1. Compare and contrast the concepts of conformity and obedience. 2. Analyze a classical study concerning the effect of group influence on the self. 3. Analyze a contemporary example of the effect that group influence has on the self 4. Analyze individual and societal influences

Theories of Human Learning

Compare and contrast theories of human such as behavioral, cognitive, social/cultural, and humanistic theories.

Comparison of Cognitive Dissonance Theories

The enquiry: I need assistance with critically analyzing and making a determination about who makes a stronger argument (festinger and carlsmith or bem) about the impact of cognitive dissonance. - Why the argument is stronger or why the other argument is weaker - What implications it has for the cognitive dissonance litera

Quantitative or Qualitative Research?

The question: "What is at the heart of the debate regarding the two paradigms: the use of quantitative or qualitative research. Which side of the debate do you stand on? Support your position."

Hypothetical research study

I need a brief (1-3 sentences) description of your area of interest (At-Risk Children), then describe a qualitative research study, including the research question(s), which could be conducted for your area of interest. Explain which of the orientations of inquiry you would draw most heavily from and why you believe it to be an

Survey, Quasi-Experimental, and Experimental Design

A brief description of At-Risk Children, develop a survey design followed by two research questions: one that could be answered with a quasi-experimental design, and one that could be addressed with a true experimental design. Explain the implications for using survey, quasi-experimental or. true experimental designs including,