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Social Psychology

Jennifer Thompson and Ronald Cotton

Why did Jennifer and Ronald end up becoming friends? What specific choices made by each person led to their friendship? Provide at least three examples for each person and support the examples with explanations from social psychology research. Consider the following: impact of empathy, gain-loss theory of attraction, self-justi

Social Psychology and Core Social Motives

Provide a brief description of the current event you selected and one individual involved in the current event. Then describe two potential core social motives that might explain the individual's behavior in the event and why. Finally, explain one way you might use core social motives to predict individual behavior within your c

Identify Social Categories and Group Identifications

Word count should be approximately 300 words (no less than 250). Please cite using the APA 6th edition guidelines. PLEASE ANNWER THE FOLLOWING QUESTION: Think about a group or social category to which you belong and with which you identify. What does this group mean to you? What are some examples that demonstrate your

Bebefits from studying Lifespan Development

What can be expected in studying lifespan development and explain how study in lifespan development can contribute to your being a scholar-practitioner who effects social change.

Nature vs.nurture

In a group discussion someone argues "that human personality is a product of nature, you're born with a certain personality type, it stays the same throughout your life, and there is little that nurture or environment can do to change that" How can you respond to this argument? Either supporting or opposing the argument pro

Challenges due to Cultural Differences

What are two current challenges that may arise from cultural differences in today's world. Explain two ways an individual might address those challenges in his/her professional life.

Multicultural Counseling

1) Name one of the trends or issues that could impact Multicultural Counseling and explain how that trend could impact the Counselor's work with culturally diverse populations. 2) How does becoming a culturally competent counselor relate to being an effective scholar-practitioner committed to effecting positive social change?

Mrs Yang Case Study

Create a profile of Mrs Yang using the ADDRESSING format attached, and develop a narrative of this individual's worldview. You then will compare this narrative to the information you know about Filipino Americans, noting in what ways this individual cultural worldview is similar to and/or different from what you know about

Intelligence Testing

What is the origin of the reasons behind intelligence testing? What is a current theory of intelligence, and what are its strengths and weaknesses?

Attribution Styles in Individualistic and Collectivistic Cultures

What are the similarities and differences of attribution styles in individualistic and collectivistic cultures? Give an example of a group situation in which a project failed or a goal was not reached. Explain how someone from each culture might explain the failure and why.

Cross Culture Aggression and Violence

Describe a culture and an example of a behavior that may be perceived as aggressive by this culture and why. Give an example of a behavior that may be perceived as aggressive across most cultures and explain why. In addition, explain how socially sanctioned violence is acceptable within certain cultures.

Influences of Conformity and Obedience

Evaluate the effect of group influence on the self using classical and contemporary literature: Compare and contrast the concepts of conformity and obedience. Analyze a classical study concerning the effect of group influence on the self. Analyze a contemporary example of the effect that group influence has on the self

Social Class and Therapy

Discuss your interpretation of a middle class African American counselor and explain how social class could impact his/her work as a therapist.

Economic Policies Impacting Domains of Development

Examine how at least two economic policies or issues impact child or adolescent domains of development (academic cognitive, emotional, social). Respond to the discussion question using at least one reputable media source.

Cross Culture Communication

What influence does South African culture have on communication? Explain two ways misunderstandings might occur among cultures such as South Africa and the United States with different communication styles. What are some solutions that could enhance cross-cultural communication among them?

Sexual Intimacies with Clients

1. What are the rules about sexual intimacy with a client? A former client? 2. What should you do if you become aware of sexual feelings toward your client?

Gender Socialization and Counselling

Give an example of gender socialization and explain how it can impact someone. Describe how gender socialization could impact the work of a counselor in counseling/therapy.

Impact of History of Worldviews

What are your thoughts concerning the impact of the history of Asian Americans on the worldview of its members? Explain the relationship between the worldview and current perceptions, attitudes, beliefs, values, and behaviors of the group members.

Control in Experimental Studies

Can an experimenter have too much control in carrying out studies? Do you think that some researchers become too removed from the real-life behavior they might be investigating?

Black Identity Development Model

What is the Black Identity Development Model and how does it relate to a real-world situation? How might that situation manifest itself in the therapeutic setting?

Psychology and Social Change

1.) How does research in clinical Psychology relate to social change? 2.) How can research potentially make a difference? To whom? 3.) Why is this important? 4.) What can a psychologist contribution be to academia, in the profession, and in the community? 5.) How can one use Qualitative approach, quantitative approach and

Worldviews and Biases

Give one challenge related to an African American counselor worldview and biases. Describe the applicable aspects of this worldview and relevant bias(es) that could impact his/her work with culturally dissimilar clients. Then explain how it could impact his/her work and, finally, how he/she would address that challenge.