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Virtual Interviews: Preparing for Retirement

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Virtually interview two retirees (one male and one female) to answer these questions:

- How did you prepare financially for retirement?
- How did you prepare psychologically for retirement?
- Did the thought of retirement scare you? Why or why not?
- How do you spend your time?
- What types of social activities do you participate in?
- What are your thoughts and feelings about retirement? Do you like it? Why or why not?

1. Summarize the findings from your two interviews, noting similarities and differences in general, and specifically as they appear to relate to gender.
2. Explain the impact of individual and sociocultural factors on retirement adjustment for your two interviewees.
3. Integrate the Learning Resources above and the information gathered from the virtual interviews to identify and explain factors that contribute to optimal or less-than-optimal adjustment in and to retirement.

Bowling, A, (2007). Aspirations for older age in the 21st century: What is successfulaging? International Journal of Aging & Human Development, 64(3), 263-297.
Lowis, M. J., Edwards, A. C., & Burton, M. (2009). Coping with retirement: Wellbeing,health and religion. Journal of Psychology, 143(4), 427-448.
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Dear Student,

Hi and thank you for your trust. In this particular problem, you are being tasked by your professor to present two interviews. As virtual interviews, ideally you will need to ask by email or via the web - something digital so you can access a retiree. But since this is a sample for you, I have taken the time to ask my own grandparents and in-laws to create a 'pool' of answers that would best fit a typical retiree. Thus, the solution below, as a sample, will show you how this assignment can be completed, but its up to you to put together your own relevant interviews based on this. The solution I suggest should be divided into the following:

1. The profiles for each interviewee.
2. Similarities and differences in terms of gender choices.
3. Sociocultural elements and optimal elements contributive to retirement.

I hope that this solution will be of use to you. Good luck with your studies.

AE 105878/Xenia Jones

Retirement Profiles

Lydia Smith is 56. She has been retired since she was 52, opting for the early retirement plan that her firm has provided for her. She has prepared for her retirement financially since she was 40, investing in buy-t- let properties as well as setting aside larger than usual pension premiums to reach a particular amount for a nest egg. She said that she had always looked forward to retirement as she worked as a financial adviser with an investment firm. Aging is not scary for Lydia as she grew up with her grandparents and those were fun years so she is looking forward to being a 'fun' grandma, spending as much time as possible with her kids and grand kids. The reason behind her sizable nest egg and her early retirement was her desire to fulfill her dreams of travel. As a financial adviser, she knows how important it is to financially plan her retirement as well as that of her husband. With her property portfolio, sizable pension and savings, she knows that she is set and can do as she wishes in terms of travel ...

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The solution provides information, assistance and advise in putting together a virtual interview of 2 retirees (see particulars above). The solution presents 2 sample profiles with each profile providing key answers to the questions set for the purpose of investigating the choices, decisions and difficulties affecting retirees/the elderly. esources are listed for further exploration of the topic. A word-version is also attached.

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