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Theories of Human Learning

Compare and contrast theories of human such as behavioral, cognitive, social/cultural, and humanistic theories.

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- The environment is the shaper of learning
- Reinforcement is crucial.
- The real point here is that society wants to stress certain behaviors. These will be rewarded. Those behaviors that are not desirable will be punished. The theory then states that, over time, people will find pleasure in the desirable actions and reject the undesirable actions, since these are associated with pain.
This is a very simple approach to learning. It is highly mechanistic.

In this case, accomplishing a task is about programming yourself to react in the right way to a situation. If you are writing a paper, and reward yourself with something after every page, after awhile, you will come to enjoy writing. It has its rewards that you now associate with it. Or of you write in a certain style that your professors like, you will soon default to that style since you have had such good feedback from it.

- This is a more internal approach: the Behaviorist is only worried about outcomes, not methods.
- The Cognitive school stresses the meaning of different pieces of information for a person. The context in which these things have meaning is important. What humans ...

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Theories of human learning are examined. Behavioral, cognitive, social/culture and humanistic theories are examined.