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Prosocial Behavior

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Please provide a brief description of a situation in which you engaged in prosocial behavior. Then describe three factors that contributed to your motivation to engage in this behavior and why. Also, please state your thoughts about whether or not pro-social behavior can be altruistic and explain why.

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This solution contains over 275 words including references on pro-social behavior. Includes a definition and examples of pro social behavior. A description of the three factors that contribute to the motivation to engage in the behavior are provided.

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Mc Crest is an organization that helps homeless men and women by giving them shelter, food and the means to find a job, be transported to their job or find housing for those who can afford it. The shelter is provided by several different churches in the suburbs. The church houses the men and women for a week and the people in the congregation sign up to bring food, provide companionship, and transport the men and women to their jobs or job interviews. Others in the congregation can chose to do ...

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