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Knapp's 10 Stage Model

I need to understand interpersonal relationships: the stages and different types.

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As you explore interpersonal relationships, I personally studied Knapp's 10 Stage Model when I was in college. It is formally called Knapp's Model of Relational Development. Knapp's model emphasizes ten critical stages that happen in two phases:
1. Initiating
2. Experimenting
3. Intensifying
4. Integrating
5. Bonding
(Escalation Model)

6. Differentiating
7. Circumscribing
8. Stagnating
9. Avoiding
10. Terminating
(Termination model)

As you assess the various stages, one article also illustrates the stages:

Welch, S. A., & Rubin, R. B. (2002). Development of Relationship Stage Measures. Communication Quarterly, 50(1), 24-40.

The article cites how Mark Knapp presented a "staircase" model of relationship ...

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