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    Knapp's Stages

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    1. Read BOTH documents carefully

    2. Identify the stage of your most current relationship. Provide at least one example to support your claim (make sure you spend a good deal of time describing this portion).

    3. Identify all 10 stages of this theory in a past relationship. Provide at least one example to support your claim for each of the 10 stages in the past relationship.

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    This should give you some good starting points. You will want to add some details, even if it is not your life.

    The current stage of my relationship is probably bonding. We are at a point where we have been together and apart and our attempt to be apart has given us stronger commitment to come together and work things through. We went through a period of mishandling things out of fear of another relationship that might go badly. We argued about and put off talking about things that were small until they became large. For example, while apart, he started dating and got involved with another woman. She manipulated a situation to make me look very bad and it worked for a while. I remained consistently the person I have always been both with my friend and with others and he began to question the situation. Anger on both sides gave way to his talking to me and again, I remain as I have always been. This entire situation has given us a new sense of who we are separately and together and emphasized the lack of problems we had. We had great fun and we were often taken for a happily married couple. Our bond is strong, even when we are not together, and often as one friend say, "a tangible line almost like an invisible string, binding you together."
    1. When we initially me, he was cute and popular and he said really stupid things. I was a nerd with little in ...

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